Thick Ears

Thick Ears

To the casual observer, thick ears have the physical appearance of being rather ‘meaty’ in or wide in thickness and don’t really stand out.

They just match with the face that they hang upon. Those with thick ears therefore tend to match their appearance with their personality, these individuals are the type that can be depended on, can be trusted and they tend to make and keep really strong friendships in their lives.

Because they are the genuine sort, the friendships that they have are long-lasting and full of joy as well as authenticity. The beauty of their friendships mean a lot to them and so they will do what they can to make sure that they maintain strong and honest communication to make sure all of the needs of everyone involved are being met.

These are not individuals who are shady or in any way creepy or deceitful.  Those with thick ears are the kind whose hearts are on their sleeves and whose unselfish behaviors bring forth adoring partners and friends. The one problem that those with thick ears have to worry about is attracting non-trustworthy people who will take advantage of their kindness, but if they are capable of being aware of the kind of people they bring into their lives and love themselves enough then they will be able to site those people from far away and avoid them like the plague.

People with thick ears love to be the helper; they are the nurse, the caregiver, the teacher and the kind, compassionate helping hand when the entire world is falling apart. They can be the most dependable out of all of the different kinds of ear structures, except they don’t have the added negative side of being overly stubborn or stuck in one particular way of being. They might be stable, but they are not as stubborn as other ear shapes, therefore they can roll with the punches if necessary when things become tricky or difficult in life. They try their hardest to vocalize their needs and to seek balance in the needs which are presented to them by others.

Thick ears can also be hot headed at points, when they have learned that they are being taken advantage of, so it is best if you are a thick ear person to remember to choose physical outlets which are going to be helpful to release all of the pent up energies and to make sure that boundaries are present with close friends.

If you are becoming close to a person with thick ears, it is also important to note that you must seek to keep the balance so as to not encourage the hot headed anger that can come from taking advantage of this person.  If you are in the middle of a fight with a person with thick ears, you may have to convince them that your intentions were authentic and help them see the new information as something that is beneficial to them so that you don’t get caught up in a fight that is never going to end. It is easy for those with thick ears to leave a friendship if it is no longer serving them and their needs and even more so, are being hurt by the interaction.

By Flo Saul
Mar 28, 2013