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The albatross totem teaches us to enter new pathways and roads that will eventually move us our destination.

An albatross is a sea bird which is unusual in size compared to other sea birds. There are twenty-four species of albatrosses and are famous for their large wingspan. The Albatross is twelve feet in length. When they fly, they have extraordinary manipulation of the wind and currents.


What is the difference between an albatross and a seagull?

Basically the seagull is acrobatic birds, they are found in many places in life, garbage tips, by the sea or even near fast food outlets. The Albatross is bigger than a seagull and can fly almost by scooping across the sky without using the wings that much.


The albatrosses spends a major portion of their lives either at sea or near to sea, eating marine based creatures. They make their homes in colonies, with an average life span of thirty to fifty years. Their predators are sharks and large fish.

Now we have covered that difference, let's go back to the animal totem meaning.

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The albatross guides in terms of life's path. It will help lead it's student's on a journey. Albatross totem is used as a guiding light that takes you to your destination.

The Albatross totem also leads us to value others. If, for some reason, our relationship to our spouse is not going well then this animal totem will help to get you back together.


Belief in the Albatross totem is important for people that work in the sea: sailors, fishermen, scuba divers, naval and oceanographers. Among many types of wisdom that an Albatross totem teaches, the wisdom of wind and the wisdom of ocean are the most important. An albatross totem grants luck and grace. 

The Albatross energy shows one the ability to express how to forecast the weather. In ancient times the Albatross helped one to understand the direction of wind, storms, and the intensity of rain. This totem will give you the gift of wisdom.


The albatross totem also teaches how we can use the wind and currents. When meditating there are certain lessons can be learned from this totem, one is real and the other is a metaphorical lesson. It teaches us to deal and boldly to confront the ups and downs of life. Not all the winds flow in one direction, neither an unidirectional current can lead to the right direction. We must learn how to discover which form of energy is right for us and try to take as much advantage of it as we can. 

Albatross does bring messages of the world we live in. This totem animal certainly act’s as a messenger and if we accept the messages he brings, it will open our heart. The Albatross can enlighten our goals and open the pathways leading to them.


The Albatross totem tells us to believe in freedom. It allows us to think wise and search for solutions beyond the horizon. The message is to break ourselves from the shackles of self-developed constrains and limitations. The Albatross totem energy is exactly opposite to conservatism and the philosophies that bounds freedom of speech, freedom of belief and the freedom of adopting a particular culture.


The Albatross totem teaches us a lesson that greatly enhances the core values of our abilities, personality. This results in the improvement in the relationships with others.





Albatross shows as a spirit guide when…


  • We are in need of guidance.
  • Confronting the ups and downs of our life.
  • Expressing our freedom.
  • Keeping an open mind.
  • Having faith in our core values.



Call on Albatross as a spirit guide when…


  • We seem lost in the path we are taking.
  • We need to keep focus despite the trials we are facing.
  • We are hesitating expressing  ourselves.
  • We want to realize deeper mysteries.
  • We believe  in  ourselves.

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