Waxbill Animal Totem

Waxbill Animal Totem

The Waxbill is a small passerine bird from the estrildid finch family. It is from the sub-Saharan Africa although it is also found in many regions of the world and even globally.

It is a small bird with a slender body, long graduated tail, and short rounded wings. This type of bird is grey-brown, dark brown with red stripe through the eye while the throat and the cheeks are whitish. They are widely distributed across Africa, South of Sahara, East, Central West Africa and southern Africa. They are normally found near water in the reeds and marshes. They feed mainly on grass seeds and insects. They eat insects occasionally when they are in their breeding season. From a spiritual perspective the bird suggests that there is help in guiding the way. If you see one in the wild then this denotes that you will be able to judge how people are acting around you, what they are really thinking. This totem suggests that you will observe a number of things.

The Waxbill symbol is a sign that spiritual strength will enable one to succeed in life. It is important to face physical, emotional and spiritual challenges with strength. When one understands the wisdom of this spirit guide success will come. The next question is what can we learn from this animal totem? Their behavior and physical attributes are well articulated to help us learn what is needed to be a success, the bird gives one wisdom.

The Waxbill’s suggests the following: foster parenting, understanding female societies, communal living, ability to see from all perspectives, surefooted, ability to change and self respect.

Those who have the Waxbill as their animal totem are great at foster parenting. They promote parenting and reproduction. Waxbill's are good parents, they also tend to be excellent carers to other people's children. They give birth frequently and can have as many children as they can! In life, this bird can suggest reproduction and no problems in bearing children.

They are able to change their characters and habits easily to help situations or people in life. They can change to adapt to a given situation and to get whatever they want in life. Their way of life is determined by what they have and what they want to achieve.

Those with the waxbill’s power (as animal guides) are rather objective. They are able to see from all perspective of any given issue. They consider both the positive and the negative impacts of a problem without dwelling on one side. They usually give fare judgement on whatever issue which needs to be resolved. Most of the people that choose this animal totem tend to be advocates, judges, journalists or media personalities who act with great objectivity.

They understand female society and they know the rights of women in the society. They do no demoralize females just because they were born females but they treat them with respect as those who are equally capable of doing everything that males can do. They cherish the equality among the men and the women.

They like communal living and embrace living well as a society with one another. They are the peace makers in society and they can work well where there is peace. Where there is no peace, they tend to bring peace and to unite people together as a community.

You may need the power of waxbill in your life to guide you. All you need to do is to call on waxbill as a spirit guide.

Waxbill show as a spirit guide when

  • You need to understand foster parenting.
  • You need to understand female societies.
  • You need to have community living.
  • You need to be able to see from all perspectives.

Call on Waxbill as a spirit guide when

  • You need help parenting.
  • You need to respect yourself.
  • You need to live with others as a community.
  • You need to understand female societies.
  • You need to move to another level of your life.
  • You need to understand negative and positive impacts of anything.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013