Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale

The Beluga whale was named by the Russians as such because of its pale white color that makes it standout from any other whale.

It is also called “The White One” and is a very popular children’s book character.

The Beluga can be attributed to a deep family orientation where no matter what happens, when the conditions are favorable, it will always go back to its family home.

It leaves every once in a while when the temperature starts to get a little chilly, and the water starts to freeze, looking for warmer more comfortable coast, but once its home is back to its original state it turns its head back towards its estuary making it an animal who loves comfort, and will always try to fins ways to be in a more comfortable situations.

Speaking of necks, it has the most flexible on out here on the planet which makes it able to scour the ocean in a wider field of vision than any other creature that swim with it. This can be attributed to its awareness of its surroundings and a very good ability to get out of tight squeezes once it is placed in a corner - still in relation how much it loves its comfort zone.

It has a good ability to make different reasons or ways to get out of a tight spot and into something more endearing to it, more comfortable. Moreover, it is not afraid to show its true feelings, it expresses it, in many ways than one - it will definitely let you know, most especially the offender.

Having a social life for a Beluga is very important as seen when they travel in packs and it way of protecting one another in which they try to keep silent and do everything that they can to maintain it to save each one from the killer whales. What’s more, it is noisier when it is with others.

As size is associated to strength, it has been said that these whale, though how sensitive, is still in line with strength and at the same time with your faith, but at other times, it is attributed to the dark side, so it is not yet that clear as to what the Beluga really is, but hopefully when it shows up in your dreams it would means something that has a good outcome.

Though the whale is more known of its size, it tries to keep itself away from any danger and harm, it avoids conflicts and fights as much as possible - they love the peace and tranquil ways that they are living. This is the very reasons why they try to avoid being seen by the killer whales, that, or they are just cowards but I would love to go for the one earlier.

In contrast, it has also been associated to what secrets we have been keeping and what we try to suppress because its lives in the deeper side of the waters and when it presents itself by colliding with a ship, it means that you are facing a huge struggle in your life that you may need to sort out - a combination of the bad side and the need for peace and tranquility.

As powerful and majestic as the whale may sound and look like, it too has a dark side but with a clear mind and an assertive power for the need of peace every dark side can be trampled down and the good side shall and will always prevail.

Beluga shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be strong.
  • You need to have good communication with others.
  • You need to be gentle.
  • You need to be patient.
  • You need to be concerned of others.

Call on Beluga as a spirit guide when

  • You need to re energize yourself.
  • You need to care about others.
  • You need to relate well with other people.
  • You need to understand other people.
  • You need to have patience.

By Flo Saul
Mar 24, 2013