Meerkat Animal Totem

Meerkat Animal Totem

When the Meerkat shows as a totem animal (or you see this animal in waking life) it means that potential danger is on it's way and the animal is a protecting force.

It also suggests that one needs more awareness in life.

The Meerkat is a member of the mongoose family, they are usually found in the Kalahari Desert. They are known to create a hole or tunnel that is connected with each other. In spirit terms the Meerkcat is great for group work, or focused on leading people in a certain direction. The female is important in the pack and when talking to an animal totem, the female meerkat is normally chosen.

The Meerkat weighs at around 731g for males and 720g for female's. It has long limbs that give it a 25-35 cm length, its tail measures at around 17-25 cm. This creature utilizes its tail for balance when it is in standing position. The Meerkat holds excellent vision that enables it to zoom onto an object - rather like having binoculars. They possess a claw that cannot be retracted; they use this in digging tunnels and searching for foods. They also make use of these claws to climb trees. Their belly is partly covered with hair that enables them to receive heat when they are standing. The fact that this animal totem has binocular type eyes means that there might be something you are not seeing!

As previously discussed, the Meerkat stands for a lively group, and a high social stature. They are also a sign for nimbleness, awareness and being observant. Furthermore, Meerkats are associated with feminism, depending on the support group and creating bonds.

The Meerkat is teaching us to keep the group lively, remove anything that is making it dull and boring. A lively group is needed to create a more fun environment, thus resulting in more productive members of the group. It does not mean that you always have to keep a stiff attitude when you are in command, a joke from time to time will keep your members energetic. It does not diminish ones authority; furthermore it will solidify relationships with the group. They will respect you not because they fear you. So why is this important? This animal will enable one to move socially in a group and gain the leadership position. There is also a danger that they will become a social outcast. The totem animal warns against this.

Moreover, this totem is advising to stay alert and be aware of our surroundings. Notice individuals who are using you for your benefits. They are those people who feed on the energy of other people and use it for themselves. Stay away from these people; they will put you to waste when they no longer need you. These kinds of people are easy to detect, they will say everything that you want to hear even though it is far from reality.

This totem animal is also connected to female energy and intuition. If you are a male and you wish to understand how a women feels, call on this creature and its healing power will impart you with knowledge - this will result in a harmonious relationship. This animal shows when it is necessary to also understand social relationships (friends and partners) to create a bond that will last forever.

This animal totem is also a reminder to ask for the support of our families. The Meerkat spirit guides are in a way dependent to loved ones, which can be rather negative. Some people cannot decide for themselves - needing extra guidance. They are the one who cannot stand on their own two feet and do not possess faith or confidence in their abilities.

Meerkat shows as an animal totem when

  • When we want to tap on our emotional sides.
  • When there is an impending danger.
  • One has to be aware of his position.
  • Keeping an exciting group.
  • We need to observe the people surrounding us.

Call on a Meerkat as an animal spirit when

  • We want to understand the opposite sex - especially females.
  • When we want to be aware to unknown threats.
  • One has to be knowledgeable of his part.
  • We want to create a joyful ambience.
  • We need to observe those people taking advantage of us.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013