In ancient times the salmon was considered a legendary. In Celtic tales a salmon lived in a sacred well.

This sacred well is the source of the Boyne River flowing in Druid Temples. A salmon appears when one requires guidance in life, it is considered a totem animal that will bring much riches, not only in knowledge but also in guidance.

Love for Wisdom

The salmon’s value as an animal totem includes renewing energy, positive work relations and coping through life’s challenges. You will also be given a helping hand to uncover the purpose of life and how to handle situations / or problems more wisely. Consider how the salmon successfully swims upstream! Thus, this animal totem normally presents itself when one has a difficult time in life. It may seem difficult for a salmon to go against the current, but this willing, strong animal totem always finds ways to meet its target. Difficulties in life are common for those that have the salmon as ones totem animal. One may find that they must battle against others to reach goals. When swimming up-river, a salmon performs a somersault. They journey to spawning ground from where reverse current flows. This means from a spiritual perspective they are fighters.

The salmon animal totem can be playful

The salmon is characterized as a playful animal totem, inspired by children. So, what does this mean? This is a reminder that regardless of age, one should allow a little playful and childish times - which are rejuvenating.

If this is your animal totem, you may be gifted to take life changes and have an interesting turnaround every five years. Why is it so? Let’s first look at the cycle of the salmon. The fish travels upstream every five to seven years. They go back to the place they were spawned. Once they visit the place of their birth, they spawn and then they die. However tough it is to go upstream, they are eager to go back to their roots. This means from a spiritual perspective you may return to your own home many times. Salmon's also eat less, avoid battles against predators – and get to their destination. They have no other focus but to reach that destination. They then spawn and die.

If we take the salmon as a totem animal the eggs they lay mean a birth of new idea in life, seeing it actually happening for real (in real life) signals for a warning. This is a wake up call to look out for new ideas that may have a weakening foundation. Take this vision as an opportunity to settle necessary ways to strengthen the foundation of ones ideas and plans to avoid failure in one’s endeavors.

The salmon animal totem comes with this message

The salmon can also suggest that you need to work hard on your life purpose. Meditation is recommended. This will help in understanding yourself better. Proactively, this makes you a stronger person. The ability to balance your personality is owed from understanding the elements of your being. Whether it is the weak or the strong sides you see through meditation, this allows you to have the capability of handling your life better.

The joy and anticipation of seeing a new day is a manifestation of being light-hearted. The firmness and decisiveness is strong. You will take whatever comes your way, this will help one remain focused on possible goals.

If the salmon is one’s animal totem this means that they are also adventurous. They are not afraid of change and challenges in life. This animal will bring you nothing but the help (in the spirit world) to become a better person. There is also a focus on the need to help people in your past.

Salmon shows as a spirit guide when one needs to

  • Acquire new knowledge.
  • Wish for a carefree life.
  • Face an imminent change.
  • Create new ideas.
  • Make a vision of the future.

Call on salmon as a spirit guide when

  • You want to further improve your abilities.
  • You want a peaceful life.
  • You want to understand that change a humans life.
  • You wish to share your new found wisdom.
  • The need to plan for the days ahead.

By Florance Saul
May 24, 2013