Lemurs are known in the forest as the ghost. The lemur frequently manifests to those that appear connected to spirit or have held a high rank spiritual position in a previous life.

Some scholars think that this indicates high strength. The lemur is generally fearless and one can connect to this animal like a childhood friend. In order to understand how this animal will be This animal totem is a high spirit guide, meaning that when this appears you will have spirit protection. The lemur can vary in sizes, from the smallest primate in the world which is the mouse lemur that weighs at only 1.1oz to the largest which is the indri that weighs at around 9kg. They usually lack sexual dimorphism, except for some species that tends to have larger female. Most lemurs differ only on their furs.

In Malagasy, they believed that lemurs have souls, they will get revenge to people who mock them, or if they were killed in a cruel way. Due to this lemurs have been a source of different urban legends. A certain village believed that there is a possibility that a type of lemur is their ancestor. On the other hand, Lemurs may also be a sign of fortune to other village. The Indri can be translated as Ancestor of man.

One urban legend started during the 1970’s. A man helped a lemur escape a trap and brought him home. His children wanted to keep the creature as a pet, but the father told them that the lemur is not to be kept as pet, so the children tortured the poor creature until it died. Eventually the kids died of this illness; due to this the father circulated a rumor that anyone who harms a lemur will also be tortured.

The lemur stands for Secret knowledge, navigation, guidance, and staying on top.

If a Lemur presented itself to you, it probably means that it would like you to acquire deeper knowledge to the spirit guides. Meditate on a lemur and it will show you things that you need to know. You just have to keep an open mind to the unnatural world. It does not mean that a thing does not exist when you cannot see it with the naked eye. Look at the thing that is keeping you alive, you can’t see the air but you know that it is there, you just have to believe that it exists.

It is also advising you to have good navigation skills not only on your walking life but also to your goals and plans. Create a solid foundation where you will lay all your goals and plans. Goals need some plans and perfect timing to execute.

A lemur reminds us to strive hard to stay on top. We must do everything we can to be the best in everything we do. And being on top does not mean that you have to stop. This time you have to remind yourself that you must maintain your position, but do not be too hard on yourself. Let everything happen is the message. The lemur has also been connected to fertility, death and war. When the lemur appears it suggests that it is too powerful to suppress the spiritual powers of the individual.

A lemur shows as an animal spirit when...

  • When we need to keep an open mind.
  • When we are losing track of our life.
  • If we want to be the best.
  • When we want to seek guidance.
  • When we are not doing our part to heal Mother Nature.

Call on Lemur as an animal spirit when...

  • There are things that we don’t understand.
  • When we want a plan that will hit the spot.
  • If we are striving to be on top.
  • When we are lost.
  • When we want to give back.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013