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Animal Love Spiritual Meaning Spiritual Meaning

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Animal Love Symbolism

Animal Love Symbolism

Totem animals related to love can be represented in many ways. The meaning of love signs come in various forms.

Most of the time, animals that we encounter in life provide a door to communicate with them. Here we outline those animals that have a special affiliation with  compassion and tenderness. An animal that comes your way may be predicting a love message for you! Animal love symbols may also hold other meanings for you, read on for more insight into animal love symbols.

Animal love symbol may bring messages such as

  • New love interest.
  • Pregnancy/New born.
  • Your loved ones desire more attention from you.
  • It’s the moment for you to do things of your interest or passion.
  • You need to love yourself more.


This creature is a messenger of love. Aside from being associated to Delphi and Aphrodite (Goddess of Love in Greek Mythology), dolphin drawings  found on an anchor or with a trident symbolizes a church which is guided by Christ’s love.


Aside from a peace symbol a dove is considered as a carrier of symbolic love. According to Slavic legends a dove is a transformed soul of the dead. In Hinduism the dove is a spirit and hold's capacity for love. Greco-Roman mythologists believe that the Dove is a holy creature to the goddess of love (Venus/Aphrodite). Ancient Jews sacrificed doves to purify mothers after giving birth. Western people believe that doves including turtledoves signify love and are often used in wedding celebrations. (Read about Dove symbolism).


This is a symbol of practicality and love as seen in the Chinese zodiac sign of horse. Celts associated it to Epona (horse goddess), who is also attributed to love, fertility and abundance. Mesopotamia legend told that a horse had drawn the sun and that the horse embodies love for the earth for its light and warmth give life to all creatures.


Known as a lucky charm and as a love symbol, it is believed that when you catch a ladybug and then free it, you will be its master and it will continuously whisper your name in your love’s ears. The effect of this is that your love one will promptly rush to you. Farmers of old times consider the ladybug as a lucky sign for aphid populations will surely be controlled. Ladybug’s spots determine how long will your wish for love will be realized. Read also Ladybug symbolism.


Christians consider starfish as a representation of Virgin Mary (Stella Maris), guide for safe travel against big waves and as a symbol of salvation during hard times. Starfish are considered as celestial beings and are symbols for infinite divine love.


It is attributed to love, sincerity, purity, grace and chastity. Celts legend stated that swan were made into silver medallions as a protection. Hinduism in regards to a swan called this a Hamsa bird which symbolizes divine thought and breath of spirit. It is also considered as symbol for Virgin Mary, love and purity.