What Does A Yellow Aura Mean

Yellow Aura Meaning

Yellow Aura Meaning

Radiant light is produced by the sun, laptop screens, and projections. Colors are illuminated by light reflected from surfaces like cars, houses, paper, furniture, and pictures. Everything in fact focuses on light. When exposed to sunlight, the aura appears to grow larger and more vibrant. Hence, summer makes us feel more alive and energized. When first viewed, the aura looks almost like a could around us. As a person’s auric sight improves, more colors are visible. When we have a photo of our aura we might just see a haze around our bodies.

Each aura contains a fundamental color that gives important information about the person. This color reveals the person's spiritual, emotional, and mental nature and I take it yours is yellow which is why you are here reading this article. Yellow is the strongest color to use as a base color. Those that have a yellow aura are hardworking, patient, goal-setting, and they are charismatic. Their greatest success often comes in later life. Gold is a common color for halos surrounding saints and spiritual figures. It represents limitless potential. Well done on such a wonderful aura.

I remember about two years ago I went to have my aura read at a psychic fair. I stood by an aura camera and the medium took a photograph of my aura. Once the photo was given to me it appeared to have a bright yellow light glow around my black figure, as well as other minor colours. My first reaction was: what does the yellow aura mean? Is this good or bad? At that point, I began to study auras and their effect on our lives. Reading our auras is something that is interesting and provides us with insight and as a medium, I am here to share what your yellow aura means.

What does a yellow aura mean?

From one culture to the next, auric colours and the light, or aura, had different meanings. In cultures, the different auras mean different things. Western society tends to think and daydream in yellow, get angry in red, black indicates depression and green can mean grounding. While this isn't always the case, it is a general trend. Buddhism helped me understand the aura fields. 

Yellow is the color of mental life that is devoid of all traces of earthly existence. Clear, colourful, glowing yellow auras are associated with those who have the highest intellect, inquisitiveness, adventure, positiveness and love of knowledge. In science or art, lemon yellow is a symbol of mental power. Yellow auras are soothing to frazzled nerves. They also promote balance and calm. The yellow is connected to our solar plexus and mental energy. The brightness of the yellow aura is connected to how we expand. The brighter the more abstract our thinking. If the yellow aura is combined with green then this indicates success. 

Reddish-tinged yellow aura means: (bright with orange) auras indicate indecisiveness or an inferiority complex. Red-tinged yellow auras that are very pale are indicative of illness according to some aura books. Those auras that are murky or muddy indicate fear, timidity, or terror. The phrase "You are yellow" refers to someone who lacks courage.

A bright yellow aura means: Healing practitioners often channel white light. It is true that all colors are contained in the white frequency. It is a waste of healing energy to channel all colors within the white frequency. Bright yellow is often seen as well to cleanse our body, as this indicates the richness to heal ourselves. A bright yellow aura is a positive omen that denotes: Happiness, mental power, transparency, imagination, and logic. It also signifies joy, mental strength, clarity, visual ability, logic, tolerance, adventure, acceptance, and intellectualism.

Muddy Yellow aura means: Fear, anger and acquisitiveness, shame, mystery, weakness, mental/verbal aggressions, puzzlement, complaints, doubts, overthinking, ability to do well at work, pain, determination and vanity.

Golden or glowing yellow auras: This is a fantastic aura and indicates you will be happy. As the mode of feeling and thinking are extensions of human consciousness, so too is the tone of our divine aura an extension of our spirit. People who are more sensitive to auras can see and feel negative colors as a result of interference with their natural state. We can sometimes feel someone’s sunny yellow aura or sense it. If the aura is golden and rich in color this is a positive omen. This represents clarity and a higher state of awareness.

A lemon / pale yellow shade of aura means: a sort of pale lemon shade of aura yellow indicates. Organized, overthinking of events. Dependable, Traditional, Seductive and Grounded. If you think about a lemon it is bitter inside. The aura when a pale color is urging you to not be bitter about things, to be open and happy. 

Is a yellow aura good or bad?

We usually associate yellow with happiness, joy, richness, and radiance. When there is an influx of thoughts and emotions that are not perfect, the aura can become muddy. I have briefly gone over the different shades of yellow above. You can see the difference in color and vibration with a trained eye. A prism of light is what makes pure colors possible. 

It is also possible to harm yourself with negative thinking. I know a person who achieved fame and prominence in her chosen field of science. According to her, she does not receive the respect and deference she deserves. Consequently, the dark yellow aura has intensified as a result of this. In order to avoid her, people will go to any length. Her downward spiral will lead to a lonely, person. This can be changed. The past resentments, real or conceived, could be ignored, and she could start living a normal (happy) life again. Once I told Jessica to cleanse her aura life started looking up. The aura would reflect this new reality and attract people once again. 

My point here is that it is possible to learn to recognize the thoughts and emotions of others through our aura, and what we and others are doing in their world. We often must distinguish between momentary passions that are consciously willed and long-term emotional trends. The yellow aura in my view is a positive aura colour. It puts into perspective what we hope to achieve in our life. The energy of the yellow aura is about moving forward with hope and hidden optimism. The yellow color provides us with the happiness to keep on going, to move with hast and happiness.

Having a yellow aura after a reading - what it means?

People can easily recognize that something is wrong with their thoughts, feelings, or actions and that it may only be temporary. In the absence of conscious control and training of the mind, auric contamination can reach subconscious levels, prolonging us in time to a negative state. The good news is that a yellow aura is associated with growth in a spiritual sense. 

Is the yellow aura negative in any way?

There is also the issue of negative qualified energy being projected into mass forcefields. The result is a coating or layer of the energy (vibrations) that overrides a person's natural vibration. If seen at the wrong time, this overlay of darkness can be mistaken for a dark yellow, almost like a dirty yellow aura. Remember, my lovely, that those who are swept into the swamp might end up with mud on their faces. Nature always tries to drag people down by the tides and forces of nature. It is possible for you to overcome these conditions if you clean your aura. Seeing a muddy yellow photograph of your aura can indicate that it is time to cleanse. It is also possible to overcome the muddy yellows of selfish intellectualism and think about your own passion. 

What is the shape of the yellow aura?

Only a few people possess a wide range of geometrical forms and shapes in their auras. Auras contain rays that radiate outward from the body. This is thought as vibrational energy. The way we think and feel has a huge impact on our auras. In this sense, the expressions "red with anger" and "green with envy" have developed. They are temporary. The aura can be permanently altered by negative thoughts and emotions, but also change with time. As a result, the color of the aura can change from its natural vibrant colors into dull and repulsive colors.

All auras are thought to be symbolic in nature. A triangle indicates that someone protects others or is protecting them. Stars indicate significant psychic abilities. A circle within the aura, for example, is a symbol for inner peace and fulfilment. 

Additionally, you may see arrows and coils inside auras. In cases of prolonged stress or strain, arrows are common. Crosses are signs of hesitation or reluctance to act. Indecisive and timid people tend to have crosses. Half moon shapes, cones, spirals, spots, and coils, which are often found with thought forms, indicate serious reflection. In general, they are not common in the auras of people who have mentally stimulating occupations. Typically, they occur in auras of people who, for whatever reason, use their brains more often than they should. This is something I have seen several times in the auras of spiritually-aware people trying to reason it all out logically.

These shapes and forms could be thought-forms. In my students, I have noticed that the shapes and forms last only a few seconds before disappearing. Why do you ask? This is because most people cannot hold a single thought for long periods of time, this is why the shapes disappear. Our minds typically create the symbols and can retain them for many years, months, or even a lifetime. This is especially true for spiritually advanced and intelligent people.

Our auras react constantly to those around us. The attraction to another opens our auras to them, two lovers will have similar auras. The aura of two people in love is often large and vibrant. On the same token, we often repel the auras of people we dislike. Can you recall a time when you disliked a person for no apparent reason? You would have been repulsed by their aura, warning you to stay away from them.

A person who constantly thinks negatively of others will eventually repel them. This is why at times we just have no clue as to why we don’t like some people. I have met people that are "psychic vampires", draining my aura energy in order to boost their own. When you spend time with someone you love, do you feel drained? It is likely that the person you talked to was a psychic vampire. They are rigid in their outlook, lack self-esteem, and are psychically ignorant. If they are aware or not, they drain the energy of those around them. This is beneficial to them but depletes the energy of everyone around them.            
I am urging you to learn how to protect your aura if you live with a psychic vampire.

Yellow aura meaning of personality

Yellow aura personality traits: Entrepreneurs motivated by strong-willed natural leaders and dynamic initiators. A determined, persistent, and intensely loyal person who is determined to do everything for those they love. Adaptable, Flexible, Versatile and Open-minded

Many of my students who have seen their auras have often asked me what it means for their personality. As I said before auras do change, other colors can come into the mix. However, if consistently yellow is featured in your aura I will provide an insight into the yellow person's aura personality. Psychiatrist Carl Jung once said that the only place where the consciousness level can be raised is on Earth where opposites collide. According to ancient indian culture, yellow represents our conscious awareness. There are many colors of the aura. Each represents a part of our psyche. However, we are most familiar with the yellow qualities. It is at the center of our being, as is the Sun.

Consciousness has limitations, like anything. We cannot be aware of all the information of our personalities at once. It is impossible to force consciousness to grow. The more we experience life, the more aware we become. We often face challenges which has a knock-on effect on our personality. 

Our personality identifies us so strongly with our reality that we can be convinced it is the only real one. This can lead to a tendency not to accept the unknown and a tendency for us to be critical of others, which often leads to unnecessary conflict. This is a mistake. We are attracted to people’s auras. As a result, the experiences with others are more difficult to resist than the experiences with ourselves, and we will keep repeating the same old patterns. The aura colors can help us to see that others' points of view are valid and can even be more valid than ours, increasing our awareness and minimize conflict.

With a yellow aura, your mission is simple. Your mission is to save people. Maybe you love challenges and rescuing damsels in distress. Male or female, you are the knight in shining armour. People know you are a powerful force when they first meet you. No matter what comes your way, you take it on.

Excitement and adventure are your middle names. No challenge is too big for you. The Aries sign is the most courageous, honest, and enthusiastic of the zodiac signs.

Your personal desires come first when you are impatient for success. The road ahead seems long, but you're eager to begin. You are the hero of your own story. It's your day, your bravery medal, and your true love. Those with yellow auras are often faced with unexpected paths that seem to be paved with roadblocks and detour signs that are meant to complicate your life.

Those with golden auras are so open to universal understanding and willing to make sacrifices for others. Once upon a time, you believed in miracles and magic. Today, you only need to believe in yourself. This could explain your drive. Like you were asleep and dreaming all the time about what you would do if you had the chance.

What you already know if you have a yellow aura

  • Spirituality is part of who you are 
  • Intuition and instinct play a crucial role 
  • The road ahead is long 
  • The forgiveness and forgetting process 
  • You need to believe in your dreams if you want to move forward in life. 
  • Imagine what you can do 
  • The drawbacks of being completely selfless are numerous.

What does it mean if you see mixed color auras including yellow?

Radiant light has primary colors that are different from reflected light. Radiant light primary colours are red, green and purple. White light is formed when these three colors are combined. If red and green are combined, yellow light is formed. If red and purple are combined, mauve light is formed. Purple and green form blue light. The combination of radiant colors increases their power.

On the other hand, reflective pigments have three primary colors: blue, yellow, or red. Mixing these pigments results in white. You see where I am going with this. Reflected colors refer to specific wavelengths of light that reflect from a surface. In the absence of any reflection, white appears. Black results from absorbing all light. The only violet cloth absorbs violet light. It is possible to see black with no light source. As you can see all of these colors can interlink and intermix. Mixing red, yellow, and blue together create secondary colors: red and yellow make orange; yellow and green make green; red and blue make violet. Continuing to mix them yields all colors. So this is like our aura. Our body feels different things at all times. Just like mixing paint, we are mixed full of emotion that changes at any time. 

Good professions for those with a yellow aura

We often think about what we want to be in life. If you have had an aura reading or you are thinking about a profession knowing you have a yellow aura, then here are some professions:

Nurse: this is a good career as you can shine your healing light onto others
Carpenter: building something for the future is a good career for those with yellow auras.
Teachers: caring for others due to the yellow aura means you will succeed in helping teach other people.
Banker: Being able to handle money is a positive trait for those with yellow auras.

If you find yourself in the company of someone who has a yellow aura then this is a positive omen. It can mean you are electric and that there is a magnetic pull towards you. The yellow aura can denote that it is time to detach from everything and experience joy. The yellow is about reaching out to your goodwill so you can give to others.

What does a yellow aura with red inside mean?

You get more energy from adrenaline when you are under attack in the heat of battle. This causes your blood pressure to increase and your strength to increase. This is the 'fight-or-flight' response. Most times, you will choose to fight over fleeing. Sometimes our yellow aura can lead to red which denotes anger, but these are usually short-lived. That is why sometimes the yellow and red aura occurs.

What does a yellow aura with blue mean?

The two colors intermixed are about how you handle people. When you are faced with obstacles, you may feel anxious and stressed, especially if you have no energy. Symptoms can include headaches, fevers, indigestion issues, disease, high blood pressure or inflammatory disorders.

What does a yellow with pink aura mean?

Those with yellow auras make great salespeople. They are great at selling themselves and their ideas. Yellow aura people tend to have a ruddy skin tone and red hair, and their bodies contain heat. Therefore, the pink aura shows love but also indicates that you should avoid stimulants and alcohol since they can harm your body.

If the pink was inside the yellow then this can indicate that you are likely to excel in sports or activities that require physical courage. If you overestimate your strength, you may underestimate the danger and who or what you face. It is possible to break a bone or head due to your enthusiasm, but you do not properly assess the risk. Your energy must be channelled in some way. You must also recognize that you're not batman or Wonder Woman. You might find it difficult to accept that you are not as young and strong as you once were.

Your independence makes it difficult for you to accept instructions. Whenever you learn something new, you don't like being told what you should do. Instead, you prefer to do it on your own. The process is more important to you than the final result.

What does yellow with purple aura mean?

Purple in auras is a strong sign that indicates many creative attributes. If you have purple in your aura, you are well-suited to any form of creativity. Being your own boss would make sense for you. Your potential is great. If you want to succeed in whatever you do, you need courage and confidence.

What does it mean if your aura is yellow with green inside?

Motivating factors are challenges and the desire to succeed rather than money. Managing money and material things may be difficult for you. The green aura is about managing money. It is fun to rob the rich and give to the poor just like Robin Hood. One day you might start your own business. Just get started with your creative side.

There is no doubt in your mind that you are destined for greatness. Many of the world's most successful individuals have a golden aura (golden meaning money). In order to succeed in life, you must be courageous and conviction.
What are the important things in the life of those that have yellow auras?

You are looking for true love and consider your heart to be your most valuable asset. I have always found those with yellow auras are looking for that special someone who will win you over. Your strong approach may intimidate some people, but your charm, honesty, and winning smile will soon endear you to them. The yellow aura people are actually one of the most romantic colors after pink. Due to the solar plexus being yellow, your heart is your most valuable asset, and you are looking for true love. You're looking for that special someone who will win you over. Love can soften your rough edges and soothe your soul. It also helps you to learn more about people and relationships. Romance is the key to lasting love.

All of this is part of life's great adventure. However, those with yellow auras don't like being pushed. They feel that you are pushing them too hard and are being too aggressive. They restrain and recoil, and they don't feel comfortable being on the receiving end. You have the passion and enthusiasm that they lack so you're generous with them. You're always available to encourage them and give them confidence.

Have I always had a yellow aura?

By three months, the baby's aura appears almost colorless and becomes silver. Gradually, this changes to blue. The change is most noticeable between ages one and two. Children's auras develop as they grow. Growing in size and brilliance, the aura reveals a child's potential and ultimate colors. Throughout the child's life, the aura's background color will be blue. The most obvious example of this is when the child is ill. The aura turns gray, which is quite apparent.

There is a yellow haze around the baby's head when they begin to think. This can be translated to how the aura has stayed with you. The fact your thought processes have resulted in amazing transformation into adulthood. During the first four years of a child's life, the infant soaks up information like a sponge. The infant's yellow becomes brighter and more intense as he/she learns more, this is why the yellow may appear in baby aura readings. Auras are typical for people. According to how they feel at the moment, the intensity and size of their auras will differ. Their auras are stunningly beautiful if they feel generous. Their auras become murky when they consider doing something dishonest or underhanded.

Upon entering formal education, a child will begin to reflect the true colors of life. As if your aura were a glowing light, it should be filled with vivid colors. The aura can be influenced by our personalities in subtle ways. The aura of a kind person might be filled with pastel colors. The aura of a bully or murderer, however, appear smaller and murkier than that of a loving person.

It is most beautiful to see people's pink auras when two people are in love. Their auras grow and their colors vibrate. Their auras expand when they are together into a bright happy color. Both auras merge together to create a single aura that radiates heavenwards. A person who is truly kind and good has a large, beautiful aura. These people take their family's blessings for granted, but spend their time quietly helping others and doing good works that may or may not be noticed.

How can aura reading help you? Being able to detect kindness, generosity, love, and compassion in others can be very helpful for your relationships. 

What does chakras have to do with our auras?

Chakras are seven energy points found in the body. Each of us has these points on our body. Physical, mental, and spiritual energy is absorbed, distributed, and transmitted by these nerve centers. Our personal electromagnetic energy is higher at these chakras, which are energy powerhouses. This makes them easy to feel with the hands.

In the etheric body, chakras are located alongside the spine. Below are the main chakras.

  • At the base of the spine is the root chakra. 
  • Between the navel and the pubic bone lies the sacral chakra. 
  • Solar plexus is the location of the solar chakra, this is yellow.
  • In line with your heart, the heart chakra is situated between your shoulder blades. 
  • The throat chakra is located at the level of the throat. 
  • The brow chakra is located just above your eyebrows at the level of your forehead.
  • The crown chakra is located at the top of your head, normally seen as purple.

The reason why I mention this is that I wanted to just touch on the solar plexus as this is yellow. In the solar plexus is the solar or solar plexus chakra. The word solar plexus is known in many books as "jewel in the navel" when looking at chakra work (which I will not go into regarding this article) describes how we come across as being warm and connecting with others. Consider how bright everything appears when we are happy and content, and you can see why this is so obvious. Also related to sensitivity. On an emotional level, our solar plexus is associated with inventiveness, positiveness, self-respect, and trust. When the solar chakra becomes angry or hostile, it can be dangerous and turn a red color. The solar plexus is in the middle of our body and the centre of our being. This is interesting as it means that our stomach is yellow and represents happiness from within. Are you happy within? I do hope so as this denotes your yellow aura.

In conclusion, having a yellow aura is positive. Aura awareness will transform your life, and being here and learning about your yellow aura is a great start on your spiritual path. In time, with more reading, it is natural that your interest in colors will increase. There will be more beautiful to see, and you will wonder why you didn't notice it earlier. The study of auras can expand your awareness and empower you to help others.

Auras are surrounded by many myths and I have learned many. They are sometimes misunderstood. Some people believe auras to be hallucinations. It is believed that everyone is constantly surrounded by an aura. I hope this helps you fill your life with all the colors of the rainbow.

By Flo Saul
Jul 3, 2022