Are your thoughts getting interrupted by the image of an Anole?

If the image of an Anole interfering in your thoughts, or you see one in life or a dream means that you are relaxed and calm about your present environment.

The Anole is a type of lizard found in South Eastern parts of the United States of America, in Cuba, in the Caribbean Islands and in Jamaica. Sometimes the Anole is mixed up with the chameleon in America.

The Anole is greenish in color and when threatened it turns dark brown. The color of the Anole changes to its original green when the threat is removed or when it goes to sleep.

The change in color serves as a camouflage which helps the Anole merge with the branch of a tree to survive from predators.

The symbolism of an Anole stands for

  • Relaxation.
  • Retreat.
  • Defend.
  • Elusive.
  • Message.
  • Analyze.
  • Camouflage.
  • Harmony.
  • Stubbornness.
  • Isolation.
  • Reclusive.

This symbolism of the Anole teaches you to change your looks and your behavior to suit the environment. It is important that you are not harmed by others.

The Anole is a relaxed animal standing still at one place for long periods. It moves only when threatened or when it sees food is near. This symbolism tells you be relaxed in your observations of your immediate environment and act only when it is necessary.

The Anole knows when to attack and when to back off from a situation which might cause it physical harm. This symbolism of the Anole tells you that the outcome of all events in your daily life may not be to your advantage. Whenever some adverse events take place, you should be ready to back off thus minimizing your losses.

The Anole is a reclusive animal and likes to live in isolated places where human beings or other predators do not tread. This symbolism signifies that if you live a life where sometimes you feel isolated, it is good for you as you can have peace of mind without any encroachment of external agencies.

The Anole eats flies, insects, gnats, worms and crickets and grasshoppers. It prefers crickets and grasshoppers over other forms of food as they are always in great supply. It normally catches prey which are small and do not move quickly. This tells you to do those things that suit you best and avoid doing any which you may fail at in life.

The Anole is very clear in its perceptions and teaches you to also have the same, as only clear perceptions can bring harmony to your life. Clear perceptions also help you to find the correct path in your journey of life.

The symbolism of the Anole is relevant when

  • You feel impatient.
  • You seem undecided.
  • You are at a loss.
  • You feel exposed.
  • Your feel stressed.

You can call on the Anole symbol when

  • You cannot decide to go ahead with a work which may not prove fruitful.
  • You want to analyze your present status and where you stand at the moment.
  • You want to decide on your plan of action.
  • You are looking for harmony and changes in your life.
  • You want to find the true path of life and follow it wherever it leads.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013