Meadowlarks are normally found in the wonderful meadow, the bird that comes from the Sturnella family.

There are different types of meadowloarks and most of them are insectivores.

Meadowlarks indicates that in a given situation the worst is over, the time for sorrow will soon be over, the time to reap your hard work is nearing. This will be one of the sweetest time of life, it indicates that you may have been in the dark for too long. Finally the time to rejoice is at hand.

People who choose the meadowlark as an totem often possess a certain level of tenacity to reveal their fullest potential. They are the one who take on problems as a challenge to their abilities. They see it as an opportunity to exceed in life at their current level and improve - reaching heights that the never thought they could reach.

Furthermore, a meadowlark teaches one to make use of our instinct. This will make us understand things that we are not able to grasp. The Meadowlark can share wisdom - in order to see the difficulty of a certain problem in life. This bird is great to meditate on so that one can develop a solution. The bird - when consulted through meditation will answer all our questions.

This creature also teaches us to find a balance and to allocate energy to more important things in life. Sometimes we are utilizing our energy in a wrong way, spending it on things that are not really needed. The Meadowlark is a reminder that we should continue on improving the things that will help us in life and ignore the things that would only serve as a hindrance to ones progress.

The Meadowlark is often a sign to pay attention to your dreams because it has a significant meaning in walking life. There is a possibility that you are having a recurring dream about something and you want to find its connection to your reality. A meadow lark is a sign that your dream is giving you information that is vital to your life.

It is also a reminder that you need a time for yourself, a space away from people and a moment to focus on being alone. There is a chance that you have given too much for others and forget to care for your needs. Let me ask you this question, how can you give something that you do not have? also, how can you care for someone if you do not care for yourself?

There is also a probability that you need to blend in your environment as well as being aware on things that surround you. Be sensitive to your surroundings and adjust your behavior to better suit it. Not in a way of being a hypocrite, but just a defense mechanism to be accepted by the majority.

The Meadowlark is also a sign of contentment. If you are having problems on being contented on the things that you have. Call on a meadowlark and it will provide you with its healing power.

Meadowlark appears as a totem spirit when

  • You need a sign to continue to the path you are taking.
  • One needs to trust his inner self.
  • Using your full capabilities to achieve a desirable result.
  • One needs to interpret a dream.
  • You need to have a time for yourself.

Call on Meadowlark as an animal spirit when

  • You are losing hope.
  • One need to understand the connection of things.
  • We want to unleash our full potential.
  • When a certain dream means something to our life.
  • One has to give and care for himself.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013