Bush Baby

Bush Baby

Do you see a Bush Baby appearing in your thoughts every now and then?

The significance of these sudden appearances of the Bush Baby in your thoughts is that you are being reminded that you need to move over very fast to another subject as soon as possible.

The Bush Baby is small animal with the size of a squirrel and found all over Africa. It has a small pointed face and a furry tail which is longer than its body and used by the Bush Baby to control its jumps. It has long and strong hind legs which it uses to launch itself into the air.

The symbolism that can be attached to the Bush Baby are:

  • Swiftness
  • Agility
  • Social
  • Community
  • Accuracy
  • Dominance
  • Aggression
  • Acute hearing
  • Sharp vision

The Bush Baby is a nocturnal creature and cannot be seen during the day time. It has derived its name from the cries it makes which sound very much like the cry of a human baby. The cry and the small size may possibly be the factors which led it to be named a Bush Baby. The name resembles a human baby lost and crying in the bush or forests of Africa. The Bush Baby lives for as long as fourteen years or even more.

The Bush Baby has long fingers and toes to hold onto branches of trees when it jumps from one tree to another. It can take huge leaps stretching to almost twenty feet when it travels from tree to tree.

To demarcate a safe path and to avoid deviating from it, the Bush Baby marks the branches with its urine. The Bush Baby follows this path very easily with the help of the smell of its urine at night in the darkness.

The symbol of the Bush Baby reminds you to tread on a known and safe path in your daily life to avoid unnecessary risks if you want to live long and happily.

The Bush Baby normally avoids the ground where it becomes vulnerable to predators. If the distance between two trees is too much, then the Bush Baby is forced to hop or scamper on four feet on the ground to reach its destination.

The Bush Baby feeds on insects and fruit or whatever is available during the particular season. This symbolism teaches you to take advantage of whatever you find around you on your journey in life.

The Bush Baby is very swift and agile in its movements even at night. The large eyes of the Bush Baby help it to pounce upon insects in the dark even as it is in mid-air while jumping from one tree to another. This symbolism asks you to be an accurate judge and choose the correct option in life even if the visibility is poor.

The Bush Baby is a very social animal. It tries to live as a member of a large community. The Bush Baby even shares the same territory with monkeys but as it is a nocturnal creature, the hours when it is awake does not clash with that of monkeys. As the dawn breaks, the Bush Baby utters shrill calls to its family and community to gather around for rest in the hollows or branches of trees.

The symbol of the Bush Baby in your thoughts asks you to uphold your relationships with family members, friends and neighbors as the unity of a community has the strength to overcome any difficulty which comes in your way.

The symbolism of the Bush Baby can appear in your thoughts when

  • You are lacking in agility.
  • Your sight gets muddled.
  • You miss your family.
  • You feel indecisive.
  • You lack options.

Call upon your Bush Baby symbol when

  • You want to see clearly all matters in the right perspective though sometimes they are unclear.
  • You want to have the same agility and accuracy in dealing with the matters around you.
  • You want to regroup your family, friends and relatives around you for the good of all.
  • You want to enjoy the benefits of other communities by sharing your world with them.
  • You want to take advantage of whatever opportunities that come your way on the journey of life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013