Binturong / Bearcat

Binturong / Bearcat

Is the image of a Binturong overlapping your thoughts and disturbing you?

The image of a Binturong appearing in your thoughts, signify that you are feeling confident about the situation you are in. The Binturong is also known as the Bearcat in some parts of the world. It is found in the tropical forests of India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. The Binturong or the Bearcat is neither a member of the bear family nor does it fall into the category of cats.

The symbolism of a Binturong can be applied to:

  • Flexibility.
  • Relaxation.
  • Meditation.
  • Stress Talent.
  • Agility.
  • Aggression.
  • Vicious.
  • Ability.
  • Talent.

The Binturong is a nocturnal animal which sleeps on the branches of trees during the daytime. It is omnivorous and its main diet is fruits, eggs, rodents, birds, leaves, shoots, and sometimes animal matter and also fish.

The Binturong has coarse black fur all over its body and a bushy tail with hairs with the silvery white tips. This gives the Binturong a glossy look just like bears. It is known to live up to 25 to 26 years. It makes a good pet as it is very playful and feisty, but sometimes the Binturong is difficult to manage as a pet.

The symbolism of the Binturong teaches you to be relaxed and take everything in your stride as you go forward in your journey of life. It teaches you to be flexible in taking decisions that matter most in life, and only then can you find happiness in this life.

It is the second animal in the world to have a tail that it can use for grabbing branches of trees as it jumps from one tree to another. It rotates its hind legs to grip the branch of a tree while it hangs in an upside down position. The Binturong avoids coming down to the ground from the tree as much as possible except only in the case when there is some fruit lying on the ground or it has to cross the ground on foot to get to another tree.

It makes a sound like a chuckle of a human being when it is relaxed. When agitated, the Binturong howls in a high-pitched wail to warn others of the danger. It uses its tail and scent glands to communicate its presence to other Binturongs. The scent of a Binturong is very similar to a scent of popcorn roasted in butter.

Though it is not very concerned about territory, the Binturong does not have overlapping territories with other predators like leopards and pythons. But if it is forced into a corner and made to fight, it does so very aggressively.

On being threatened, a Binturong will defecate or urinate on the animal or person which is threatening it. It tries to frighten the animal by baring its teeth and snarling. If even this does not deter the threatening animal, then the Binturong uses its powerful jaws and teeth to defend itself.

The symbolism of a Binturong in your thoughts, mean that you need to use your ability to take up multifarious activity to help you overcome your difficulties and stress and never get rushed by the number of pending or incomplete jobs that may come your way.

The symbolism tells you to think about the positive aspects of your surroundings and be happy with whatever you have got. It teaches you to be confident when you are taking decisions about your personal life.

The image of a Binturong may appear in your thoughts when

  • You feel stressed.
  • You are indecisive.
  • You are threatened.
  • You are confused.
  • You feel overwhelmed.

You can call upon the Binturong symbol when

  • You want to relax and be ready to tackle anything which comes your way.
  • You want to see everything around you in its true aspects.
  • You want to be positive in taking decisions about the best way to get a job done.
  • You want to feel happy that whatever you have will see you through on your journey of life.
  • You want to take up multiple actions simultaneously which will help you to go forward in life.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013