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Are you seeing Beetles crawling into your thoughts?

The symbol of a Beetle appearing in your thoughts means that you are being reminded of something important which you have left undone and needs to be completed immediately.


The symbolism of a Beetle can have the following meanings:

  • Simple.
  • Protective.
  • Progressive.
  • Methodical.
  • Persisting.
  • Practical.
  • Grounded.



The Beetle is an insect which comes in many forms, sizes and shapes throughout the world. There are more than a million species of Beetles existing in every corner of the world except in the marine world and the regions near the Arctic and Antarctic poles.

The food of Beetle may be anything like plant debris, or carrion, or dung or even fruits and flowers. The Beetle may also feed on other insects and act like a pest controller where it eats pests which destroy crops.

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The scene of a Beetle moving dung over the ground as food for itself and its family members is a sight to behold. To carry the maximum amount of dung at a single attempt, the Beetle converts the dung into a ball and rolls it along the ground. It pushes the ball from behind with its front legs using its hind legs for applying force. If it finds the ball to be too heavy or the incline too great to move the ball, either it changes course or it positions itself in the front of the ball and starts pulling at it. The Beetle continuously changes its position with respect to the ball to keep it rolling.

This symbolism stands for hard work which you have to do in order to achieve something in life. It also tells you that, just like the Beetle, you have to take advantage of the emotional support to achieve your goals and use you instinct in different ways to go forward. 


The Beetle has a hard shell on the outside which protects both its body and its wings. This symbolism tells you that you have in-built protective mechanisms for your emotions which can save you from external onslaughts of all kinds.

To cover shorter distances the Beetle moves along the ground on its feet and its body continuously touches the ground as it moves. This symbolizes that the Beetle remains always in touch with reality and hence possess the wisdom and far-sightedness that this grounding provides. The symbolism tells you to keep a constant touch with the real life conditions as you go up the path of life.


The Beetle has a fully developed pair of wings which it uses to cover long distances or when threatened and it wants to leave the scene in a hurry. It uses its wings to take off suddenly when it wants to change its perch. The pair of wings is covered by a hard sheath for their protection. This symbolism of the Beetle tells you that you have talents hidden under your exterior self which you can use to acquire a new perspective of the situation around you.

The Beetle has a slow movement over the ground and does not hurry at all as it proceeds very steadily towards its goal. The movement is very persistent and dogged. If it is forced to deviate or stopped in its tracks by an external source, it tries to force ahead or immediately tries to take a detour and comes back to its original path. This symbolism tells you to be practical and determined in trying to achieve your goal in life whatever may be the odds against you.



The symbolism of the beetle can invade your thoughts when…


  • You feel walled in.
  • You are indecisive.
  • You feel impractical.
  • You feel ignorant.
  • You are in a hurry.


You can call upon the symbol for help when…


  • You are facing some opposition to your way of thinking and you want to forge ahead.
  • You are faced with work which is hard and tedious but have to be done.
  • You have lost sight of your objectives and want to realign your thoughts with the predicament present.
  • You are feeling vulnerable and want your hidden talents to protect your emotions.
  • You want to proceed steadily on your journey of life without taking the forces that are hindering into consideration.

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