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The aardvark is feisty animal totem, and can be related to one who is thick skinned. It eats termite and ants.

It can resist much agonizing pain due to its think skin and likes to live during the day in the burrows which it digs itself in the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a nocturnal animal which means it only shows itself in public during night-time.


In many ways it has been used in many lore and old wives tales in a negative connotation because there are magicians who use the skin, its heart, its forehead, and its nails for crafting a lucky charm.

After this is made into a charm the custom is to pound the charm against the root of a certain tree and then wrap the Aardvark skin.


Following this the lucky charm is worn around the neck or worn on the chest, it will grant the user the ability to pass through any wall or roof at night and it is for this reason that it has been associated with burglary. This is folklore, a myth that does not have any proof whatsoever.

In addition, the letter "A" it is the first noun in any English dictionary making itself known to the world.

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This animal totem is definitely fearless, just by the number of fire ants that feasts on its skin but feels no pain at all is a feat in itself.

The aardvark so far has been associated with fearlessness, in much easier terms, also courage due to its need to cause itself pain before it can feast on anything. But there is more to the creature.


For example, it can be attributed to the ability to see things beyond the surface of appearance.

With its love to live underground, it makes one see the goodness or the evil that lies within a person; in short, it is their ability to think of how others relate to each other in a deeper way.


If you are in times of need this animal shows itself to you, it a sign that you need to take things slow, and maybe once in a while it is positive to be by yourself and think about life in general, reflect on what matters most.

To meet an aardvark as one's animal totem suggests that this is the time to be in silence and solitude. Moreover, it is the need to look for what you really need, to determine what is right and uncover what makes you happy and satisfied.


Think also about the most productive time of the day for you. Use this time wisely.

You should look for the Aardvark at time when you need to search for the truth when many uncertainties lie ahead in your wake. It will help clear out the haziness that might allow you to know the truth that has been hidden from you.

To call upon the Aardvark animal totem means one is being rather fearlessness. The night is your most powerful time to think about what you need to do in life, that sometimes when it becomes too much you might be seen as someone aloof and unfriendly because of your traits. You enjoy being alone!



Aardvark shows up as a spirit guide when...



  • You need to have good communication with others.
  • You need to be gentle.
  • You need to relate well with others.
  • You need to be social.
  • You need to be strong.


Call on Aardvark as a spirit guide when...



  • You need to re-energise yourself.
  • You need to learn how to become a good parent.
  • You need to plan for your future.
  • You need to be caring.
  • You need to loving.

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