The aardvark is a feisty animal totem and can be related to one who is thick skinned. It eats termite and ants.

It can resist much agonizing pain due to its think skin and likes to live during the day in the burrows which it digs itself in the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a nocturnal animal which means it only shows itself in public during night-time. In many ways, it has been used in many lore and old wives tales in a negative connotation because there are magicians who use the skin, its heart, its forehead, and its nails for crafting a lucky charm. After this is made into a charm the custom is to pound the charm against the root of a certain tree and then wrap the Aardvark skin. Following this the lucky charm is worn around the neck or worn on the chest, it will grant the user the ability to pass through any wall or roof at night and it is for this reason that it has been associated with burglary. This is folklore, a myth that does not have any proof whatsoever.

In addition, the letter "A" it is the first noun in any English dictionary making itself known to the world. This animal totem is definitely fearless, just by the number of fire ants that feasts on its skin but feels no pain at all is a feat in itself. The aardvark so far has been associated with fearlessness, in much easier terms, also courage due to its need to cause itself pain before it can feast on anything. But there is more to the creature. For example, it can be attributed to the ability to see things beyond the surface of appearance.

With its love to live underground, it makes one see the goodness or the evil that lies within a person; in short, it is their ability to think of how others relate to each other in a deeper way. If you are in times of need this animal shows itself to you, it a sign that you need to take things slow, and maybe once in a while, it is positive to be by yourself and think about life in general, reflect on what matters most. To meet an aardvark as one's animal totem suggests that this is the time to be in silence and solitude. Moreover, it is the need to look for what you really need, to determine what is right and uncover what makes you happy and satisfied. Think also about the most productive time of the day for you. Use this time wisely.

You should look for the Aardvark at a time when you need to search for the truth when many uncertainties lie ahead in your wake. It will help clear out the haziness that might allow you to know the truth that has been hidden from you. To call upon the Aardvark animal totem means one is being rather a fearlessness. The night is your most powerful time to think about what you need to do in life, that sometimes when it becomes too much you might be seen as someone aloof and unfriendly because of your traits. You enjoy being alone!

The aardvark is considered a member of Africa mammal family and feeds on termites and insects. Measuring around six or so meters long it skin is thick. Its sticky tongue catches those lovely insects. So what does an aardvark mean from a spiritual sense? The aardvark is associated with people who are ambitious, independent and always on the move. If you are born under this sign, then it is possible that you believe that success comes before anything else. Though the Aardvarks are friendly, social and have this desire deep down themselves to conquer and survive. As an animal guide, an Aardvark is compassionate, sincere, funny, and charming and that is why you will find friends lamenting the limited time you spend with them.

In my many hours of research into this wonderful animal, I was surprised to learn that those born as a Capricorn have the aardvark as their animal totem, they have a strong ability to lead others. There should be a transformation that is associated with life and those people of aardvark decent indicates that you may be prone to feeling guilty in life. This animal totem is associated with “not running away from life trouble” From an early age, the Aardvarks know that they are supposed to work hard in order to earn a living. They are of course independent. Every Aardvark understands and knows consciously what they stand for and even though other zodiac signs dilute their strength. They concentrate and driven partly by fear and partly by ambition, they yearn for financial stability and that is why they are always comfortable in taking risks than many of their age mates.

What do Aardvark animals eat?

The answer to this question is that they eat ants, termites, plants such as the African cucumber. The aardvark’s are known as “omnivores” and their food is mainly bugs. They are nocturnal and have powerful noses that can sniff out any termites. In captivity, the aardvark can eat milk or soups along with raw hard-boiled eggs finely chopped. An aardvark that is hungry will use its sticky, worm like tongue to feast on insects within termite holes.

What are the traits of people born under the Aardvark animal totem?

When it comes to their romantic relationships, it becomes challenging. Even though they do not like settling down in a relationship, they don’t like committing to partners due to the fact that, they like their own company, they are so self-reliant and they don’t see what they will benefit from settling down. Why they are good when it comes to short-term relationships, they would rather have a partner who will help them work towards material gain than have a lover. They are good at splitting up and move on quickly when they encounter a relationship - which they think is not going well. They leave a relationship suddenly in suspense. This results in romantic problems and deep feelings. They are natural leaders in business and will do anything to make sure that their administrative focus is well accomplished. They normally play a key role in whatever business they are involved with. If they are not valued at work they move onto another job. Aardvarks make good politicians and at no given time will they not hold back in what they believe. In most cases, they don’t just choose a career, they make sure that it provides status, recognition, and money. Due to their aggressive and esoteric behavior, they tend to end up isolated. The best careers for Aardvarks include politicians, lawyers, accountants, managers, leaders, stockbrokers, administrators, entrepreneur, and directors. Due to their career dedication, most of them get satisfaction from a career path that calls them to solve a problem - other than status or reaching a point materially. That is what will give them a balance in life.

What does the Aardvark mean in ancient symbolism?

Different cultures believe in different things and from symbolism treat Aardvarks differently. It is good to note that, they mostly inhabit Central and Southern America. The aardvark symbolism was developed by civilization and cultures from these parts of the world. To the Southern and North Americans, the Aardvark was a symbol of lethargy, nosiness, ability to sense danger before anyone else, and finding what is lost. The animal is somewhat lethargic as they spend time sleeping or walking at a slow pace.

It is believed that dreaming of an Aardvark is a powerful message - it is a sign that you need to be more in touch with yourself because the solution to an imminent problem is deep within you. In dreams seeing an aardvark represents searching for something that is at arm’s length. To kill Aardvark indicates being in touch with your inner senses, thus, you need to close your eyes in order to get deeper into your soul and gain the answers you are searching for. If you do so, you will be able to get these answers. The aardvark is also associated with the wisdom of ancient ancestors due to its nature of digging deep to get food and the spirits of the ancestors are thought to live underneath

How do Aardvark mate and what does this mean for your love life?

Aardvark reproduces sexually whereby they form pairs during mating season. After a gestation period of seven months, the females give birth to one cub. The young ones remain in the custody of the mother for twelve months after which they move out to find their own space. When it comes to love and friendships, they are loyal and true friends, but only to a small group of people at a given time. You will find them having a lot of acquaintances and in their life, they make sure they are in a network. Does this sound like you?

What are the main traits of Aardvark in terms of an animal totem?

I will say that an Aardvark is usually a solitary animal, you may find them walking around in the forest by themselves and rarely engaging with other animals. They are almost blind and that is why in most cases, they rely on their trunks when searching for food. Even though their sight is poor, they compensate it by having a strong sense of smell and that is what they use to protect themselves.

You will need to call for the aardvark to be your animal totem if

  • You are attempting to unearth some information which will help you to resolve some answers to questions.
  • You have an assignment to investigate something related to your work and you have to get the most relevant information as soon as possible.
  • You are finding it hard to differentiate between falsehoods and the truth of someone or a situation you are communicating with
  • You are struggling to get to the bottom of something which happened recently or a problem that is now happening.

What are the key characteristics of Aardvark animal?

The Aardvarks are people who seem rather cold and alone. Sorry if this seems harsh. I live with an aardvark astrologically anyway. They don’t like setting goals regarding their hunting and focus more on their own goals in life. They are not the type of animal that feels a job is complete. They keep on clawing and scratching their ways to find food. They rely on themselves and not luck. While they are created to be sympathetic and supportive of friends and family, they seem to have this weakness where they like to be in control of the relationship. Friends and relatives of the Aardvarks see them as stressed out, conceited and controlling and that makes them listen to them less. In most cases, Aardvarks reach a point where they start to slow down and find their balance. After reaching the main goals in life, they realize that victory and success are not the only ingredients needed for one to be happy.

What is the spiritual meaning of Aardvark animal?

When an Aardvark is your spiritual guide, you will have to trust your instinctual sense to smell out what is wrong and right for you. Once you realize this, you will have to slow down and be cautious when starting a new relationship or a project until your instinct tells you that it is safe to move on. When the Aardvark appears to you as an animal spirit, you will need to spend quiet and solitude moments and avoid social activities. You will need to look below the surface and find out what is underneath. The evenings will be the most appropriate time for you to be productive in whatever creative effort or project you are working on.

What does the Aardvark mean when they appear to be your spirit guide or animal?

If the Aardvark appears to you as a spiritual guide or animal, through dreams, meditation or using my online tool then it means that you are a night person because that is when your energy is at its peak. It also implies that you are a solitary person who seeks the company from others on specific occasions. And when you meet people for the first time, you are always timid and cautious, but once you feel comfortable, you become very open to them. You are the kind of person who enjoys delving into any topic which attracts your interest and will discuss it at length. You don’t settle long in a particular place and thus, prefer to move from one place to the other.

What does it mean to see an Aardvark in your dream?

A dream where you see an Aardvark could denote that you are going to have a difficult situation in life. There is a possibility that you are overwhelmed by your current business engagement and you want a way out of it. If the dream you noticed an Aardvark eating ants then it is an indicator that you are headed for good times and thus the future should not worry you. Alternatively, the dream could mean that love is just around the corner and thus, you should be ready to take it in. An Aardvark can mean that you need to “go slow” in regard to your business agreements or ventures that you are about to undertake in the coming days. It is an indicator that you are going to meet new people or ideas which if not taken carefully, might alter your well being. There is a possibility that there are small things in your life which are trying to make you think about things differently and more slowly - just the same way the Aardvark feeds on ants. It could be a suggestion unconsciously or consciously there are elements which are bothering you.

What does it mean to see a dead Aardvark?

If you saw a dead Aardvark in your dream or in real life - then it is a good sign as it means that, you are going to be successful in a business arrangement. Everything will work as planned and you will definitely have financial gain

Summary of this animal totem and meanings

Generally, an Aardvark as a totem symbolizes solitude, insights, emotions, and ability to sense danger. If you are protected or born under this totem, you are bound to be more in touch with your feelings than those around you. You will definitely have a good sense of predicting when a calamity is about to befall you or those around you, and thus hide before it happens. You will definitely be insightful if an Aardvark is your animal totem. You will always look past the outside and look for something deep and meaningful to get connected to. And that is why you will find them finding it hard to form stronger and long-lasting relationships harder than others. In most cases, they are without partners or friends.

They don’t entertain meaningless relationship and that is why they will prefer spending time alone than with people who don’t add any value to their lives. They are a symbol of solitude just like the Aardvark the animal. If you are under this animal, you will tend to enjoy time alone with your thoughts and people will mostly refer to you as an introvert. At times it is a tough life for you, especially if you decide to engross yourself fully into the solitude. As a friend or lover of those born under the Aardvark, it is important to at times wake them up from this solitude and let them know that there are people around them who miss and care about them. Even though that is their nature, it can turn them into depression and if that happens, it will be hard to get them out of it.

Aardvark shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have good communication with others.
  • You need to be gentle.
  • You need to relate well to others.
  • You need to be social.
  • You need to be strong.

Call on Aardvark as a spirit guide when

  • You need to re-energize yourself.
  • You need to learn how to become a good parent.
  • You need to plan for your future.
  • You need to be caring.
  • You need to loving.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013