Anemone Spirit Guide

Anemone Spirit Guide

The ocean is place which is still hiding some wonder secrets in her cold depths, these can includes places where man never is not able to reach.

Some people believe that there are some prehistoric creatures still living there too. Man cannot access all areas which means we are not in a position to say what lies underneath.

There is one thing that everyone agrees, that the ocean is a home for many species of creatures.

We are going to study about one of the deadliest but very beautiful sea animal or a Marine creature today. It is the sea Anemone.

What is an anemone?

This is one of the members of the Phylum family - which jelly fish are also part of. A sea anemone is a horrible looking carnivore which has got a mouth in the central and surrounded by tentacles. Tentacles are useful for them to consume their pray.

This carnivore likes to live alone. The way it catches it’s pray is interesting. First the Anemone attracts fish by waving its colorful tentacles. And these tentacles are equipped with special cells which produce poison. When there is low tide, this creature can hide it self in the sand.

This creature is considered a flower of the ocean, you can find the illustrations of the anemone in most fairy tales. But don’t forget that the hidden danger.

Though they are beautiful and attractive, in reality, we can understand that the appearance is deceiving. We must be careful when we encounter new situations, because things may be totally different from the way they appear.

As sea anemone is a creature which cannot move that well and it has a strange mode of transportation. A Sea Anemone travels by attaching itself to the hermit crab; this is also beneficial to the hermit crab too, as it can get the protection from the predators in the ocean.

When we study the behavior pattern of the Anemone, and transfer this as one's totem animal. It teaches to have a great patience to achieve what we need. And we should be clever and hard working to survive in the world of hidden danger and competition.

An Anemone teaches to be more vigilant and we should not be carried away by the outer appearance of people.

The best lesson it teaches us is to have a co-relationship with others when it comes to business. We can get lot of benefits by having good companions, the benefits should be both parties, and otherwise it does not last long. The advice that sea Anemone conveys through its life to mankind is as follows...

  • You need beauty.
  • You need to be graceful.
  • You need to use color to make everything beautiful.
  • You need to be patient.
  • You need to have wisdom.

Call on Anemone as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have patience.
  • You need to look beautiful.
  • You need to appreciate the use of color to enhance glamour.
  • You need to be very gracious.
  • You need to move gracefully.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013