Bird Dream

Bird Dream

The bird is the very epitome of freedom for it is not limited to the limited space that out planet Earth provides.

It is free to move wherever it wants and they feel a sense of elation in having to do so.

When a bird soars its way into your dream, they take you to a place far deeper into your consciousness makes you reflect and reach further out into the reality. They speak of elevating ourselves and not settle to what we already have, in enlightening us with our way, and cultivating the faith in which we believe.

Once birds pops up in your dreams, you should ponder in which aspect of my life should I reach out further, but never be too abusive to a point where you step on other people to get there, that is just simply wrong.

Let us take one by one to which each individual bird may signify when they fly their way into your dreams. First is the Blue Jay, and it is a message that means speaking out which means we have to stand up for ourselves and stop being a pushover to everyone, you should know how to fight for yourself.

The cardinal’s symbolism on the other hand is all because of its bright red color, especially the male kind. It is said that when these birds come into your dream, it is a sign that love is on its way back into your life because of the color red which for long periods of time now, has been associated with compassionate love, take Valentine’s day for example when the town is painted red, and sometimes it is literal.

Magpies and crows have been linked to curiosity - what ignited our passion to learn. It might intricacies with devices that we are always tinkering about, and sometimes trying new ways to make things work.

There are times when you have to be courageous and stand up for what you believe in and for something that you have to deal with, then this might be the time for as curios as these birds are, they too show signs of absence of fear - headstrong and straightforward.

The falcon is the epitome of birds freedom, strength, focus, and clarity because among the birds in the sky it might just be the one in the higher ups of the air and in spite of being so high up in the sky its vision allows to see its prey clearly to the ground - eliminating the need to go lower when hunting.

The strength of its talons is something to be envied of, especially for small birds. If this one shows in your dreams, maybe you wanted distractions to be away from your life, to a clear sense of the purpose in what you still are doing in this planet because maybe now you are confused and it makes you weak to think that your life has no meaning at all for now.

Owls have always been the wisest among these avian creatures and they are a keen observer of their environment.

These birds are an invitation to reflect and discern all our actions that we take, and observe other people, be keen to what they do because it is in discernment that we clear all prejudice, and might see the reality that is being blocked from our sight when living in a life that is always being rushed, always hearing what others think. Ask yourself this, “What do you think?” because for the owl, what others think is not important, it is what you believe that matters.

Lastly, the sparrow symbolizing simplicity, faith and humility - there has never been something so small that can stand for something as powerful. It just simply tells the message that has been washed away from our society today, “Make the best of what you have,” because it is only in truly being satisfied in what he currently have that makes fortune follow you, and even greater things will happen.

As varied as the birds can be so as their message - respect them for their messages are as strong as the mountain and make your life brighter and meaningful.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013