Are you seeing flashes of the Bee-eater appearing in your thoughts now and then?

The appearance of a Bee-eater in your thoughts means that you are being given messages related to the environment around you.

The Symbol of a Bee-eater has the following attributes attached to it:

  • Aura.
  • Ability.
  • Color.
  • Healing.
  • Capture.
  • Movement.
  • Migration.
  • Social.

The Bee-eater is a beautiful bird found in southern Australia. It normally lives in the hot climates of the southern parts of Australia, and during the winter months, the Bee-eater migrates to the northern parts of Australia, to New Guinea and even to Indonesia.

The Bee-eater is a actually called a Rainbow Bee-eater because of its feathers colored like the myriad and the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Portions of the wings and the back are green in color while the tail has shades of blue in it. The inside of the wings have splashes of red with black color on the wingtips whereas the tail feathers are dark blue and black.

The symbolism of the Bee-eater with its aura of beautiful colors invading your thoughts signifies that you have an ability to understand the aura or the special effect created by the characteristics of an individual or a thing or a place. It tells you to use this ability to analyze your surroundings and take necessary actions to improve your way of life.

The variety of colors of the Rainbow Bee-eater also teaches you to use the different colors which may be available around you to heal the wounds caused by the forces that oppose you.

The male Rainbow bee-eater has the innermost feathers of the tail longer than the other tail feathers. The upper parts of the body like the breast, the throat, the stomach and the head are yellowish in color. It has a black beak and red eyes. A black stripe stretches over the red eyes from the beak to the back of its head.

The Rainbow Bee-eater nests on the ground in open places like sand dunes, in the hollow of cliffs, and open woodlands. It can also be found in parks and gardens. During the breeding season, the female Bee-eater digs burrows in the ground with its bill and clears the soil with the help of its feet.

The burrows where it lays its eggs have very tight openings and the female has to squeeze through to reach the eggs. The opening is so tight that the entry of the bird forces fresh air into the burrow while its exit forces the stale air inside to come out. Throughout the breeding season the male feeds the females as well as the baby birds. Even other male Bee-eaters who do not have any mate help to feed the female Bee-eaters at this time.

The symbolism of burrows in the ground teaches you to look for answers by digging them out of the places where they might be hidden from everybody’s eyes. The burrows made by one Bee-eater are also shared by other Bee-eaters among themselves.

The symbolism of the other male Bee-eaters feeding the female of other Bee-eaters teaches you to share your resources with others who might need them also.

As the name implies, the favorite food of the Bee-eater are of bees. It also feeds on all flying insects including wasps, locusts and hornets. It can make out flying insects from quite a distance and catch them while it itself is in flight. Flying bees are the most sought after food by the Bee-eater which can eat hundreds of bees in a day.

This sometimes causes a lot of resentment to beekeepers, but is compensated by the Bee-eater in keeping the number of wasps, hornets and locust within manageable limits.

The Bee-eater is immune to the stings of bees and wasps and breaks their stings by rubbing it on the ground while keeping their eyes closed so that the poison from the ruptured sacs does not hit them.

The symbolism of the immunity of the Bee-eater to bee-stings signifies that you are also impervious to poisoned words, expletives, gazes and acts which may affect other people but not you. It tells you to move forward without fearing the harmful vocal barbs.

The Bee-eater can come in to your thoughts when

  • You are indecisive.
  • You are confused.
  • You are unable to share.
  • You are unable to analyze.
  • You lack answers.

You can call upon the Bee-eater symbolism when

  • You want to understand your surroundings better.
  • You want to take the correct actions after analyzing all that is happening around you.
  • You want to heal mental wounds inflicted by the words and actions of others.
  • You want to help others with the resources available to you.
  • You want to dig out the actual answers to your problems.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013