Road Runner

Road Runner

A road runner totem animal is associated with speed. We all have the image of the Disney character “the road runner” cartoon when we think of this totem animal.

This animal can grow from approximately 46 cm to 56 cm and can weigh about 8-15 oz. The road runner totem animal may appear in response to how much earth energy that you have. This animal speaks about many things. The road runner can signify that sometimes you lack "motivation" and that you need to be more emotionally available in terms of relationships. This totem can help with new ideas or relationships. Due to your diplomatic nature, this animal can aid in many things in life. There is an element of unconsciously reading your mind so that this animal distinctively knows how yo help you. Remember that this will give you hidden insights.

The road runner is a bird species that can be distinguished with its head crest. The tail is broad and ornamented with white tips. During its flight, it will reveal its white feathers, although road runner spends most of its time on the ground. The road runners are fast and can run with a speed up to 20 mph. But in some cases roadrunners will fly to evade some predators.

The road runner is the state bird of New Mexico. There is also a popular Mayan folktale regarding this creature about how the King of the birds was selected.

The road runner as a totem teaches us to think quickly always be mentally prepared and act with a matching speed. There are times that a decision needs to be made immediately. A good example would be a possible career opportunity. The message of this totem is speed –it requires you to decide and act quickly.

The road runner chooses people that are flexible and can reallocate their energy from one thing to another. They are good in multitasking without sacrificing the quality of their work. They are those people who feel like they are wasting their time if they spend a minute sitting down on a sofa. These people are also career minded.

Road runners are also a symbolism of career planning, like we always said, it’s good to think about your dreams but have a sound foundation of a longer term plan and bring it into fruition. This totem can help us succeed through life it can help you reach a goal by preparing a strategy and executing it with ease.

People with this totem are always thinking. They are planning for things to do to make their lives better, not to the point of being greedy; they are thinking to further flourish their talents in order to help the others. They are generous and often unselfish; willing to share what they have despite the hard work they have put in. But after giving to charity, road runner people will return to work and strive again for a better tomorrow.

Road runners have a poor relationship with their loved ones. This totem animal is also calling us to check our relationship with our families and friends. The question is are you are sacrificing too much of your family time? Remember charity begins at home, what’s the use of helping somebody if you cannot help your loved ones. Since you are chosen by the road runner and you are good in planning, why not plan a nice weekend that your family will enjoy, you might not notice it but a simple event like this will be appreciated by the people who matter most to you.

It is fine to focus your energy on work, but never take your work with you at your home, treat your house a sacred place that your family dwells in. Let me ask you this, would you allow a stranger to enter your house? Your work is a stranger to your family and they won’t be comfortable having it in their home. Finish what you must finish on your work and after that go home and have fun with your family.

Roadrunner shows as a spirit guide when

  • We need to be mentally prepared.
  • One needs the speed to act.
  • We need to use our energy in a more efficient way.
  • We need to strengthen our career plan.
  • We want to improve our family relationship.
  • We want to share to others.

Call on road runner as a spirit guide when

  • We need to awaken our senses.
  • Shifting energy during multitasking.
  • We need a better plan for a brighter future.
  • We don’t spend enough quality time with our loved ones.
  • We fell like giving back for something that this world has given to us.

By Florance Saul
May 25, 2013