Manta rays

Manta rays

Manta rays have a very unique body shape; they have wings that are shaped like a triangle and lobes that resemble a paddle. Manta rays weigh approximately 1,350 kg.

They are usually dark, they have distinctive pattern of scars that is use for identification. It’s not that common to see a manta ray in captivity, the main reason is due to their size. One manta ray named Nandi that was caught in the shark net by chance was now under the captivity on Georgia Aquarium.

She now enjoys the company of other manta ray named Tallulah. This is important as Nandi has shown spiritual connection - helping others through the glass! So what does this mean from a spiritual perspective?

The manta ray serves as a reminder to not take things in life for granted. From a numerical perspective this totem animal suggests solid relationships as it is a water based totem. There is focus on stability and security in life.

One can call upon this totem animal to begin a journey in life to help others. Overcoming obstacles is important as the manta ray is focused on giving decisions presented to him. Many meditate using this animal totem for short-term answers to problems especially in love.

The Moche people show their devotion to the sea and its animals, artifacts found on their site often include a manta ray. Manta rays are known to be a gentle creature but despite of that two movies were created showing the opposite behavior of a manta ray.

Manta Rays can give you an effortless poise and a sense of direction. If a time comes that you feel trapped and you don’t know where to go, summon the healing power of mantra and it will grant you the right path toward the thing you are seeking for, it can be peace, happiness or success on life that you’ve been waiting for.

They can also grant you the confidence to adapt and excel on any type of environment. Mantra people often feel welcome to a new environment, they have the ability to attract people and love them, not in a romantic way but more as a friendly gesture. They have this extra light in them that jut affects everyone, that’s why other people want to be their company.

Manta rays stands for trust and guidance. Trust on what you believe is right and that it will guide you to the right path. Do what you think is right and what will make you happy. Trust on yourself and yourself alone, if on your way you saw your most respected teacher and advise you to stop, do not listen to him. Believe on your core values and everything will be just fine.

People who have manta rays as their totem spirit often have a different sensation when something is not going so well. They can feel if there is a threat around them which gives them the ability to evade unfortunate events before it even happened.

Manta Rays are a reminder for us not to be afraid. There are a lot of things to be scared of, I am well aware of that, but this feeling is limiting us on growing and improving our self. These are unnecessary feelings that will just serve as a hindrance to our path. There is no way we can get rid of that feeling, the closest thing we can do is to assure our self that everything will be just fine.

Manta rays shows as an animal spirit when

  • You are lost, and you don’t know where to go.
  • When you are seeking for grace.
  • One needs the confidence to fit in a new environment.
  • When you are simply scared.
  • When there is a danger nearby.

Call on Manta Rays as an animal spirit when

  • You are seeking for the right direction.
  • Keeping yourself steady under pressure.
  • You need to adapt to a new surrounding.
  • When you need a courage.
  • You need to protect your safety.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013