Generally considered as a very hard-working noble insect, ants depict deep insights towards individual life connecting to the whole.

You can spot an ant anywhere so it is not very hard to notice their special attributes.

Ants are mostly social insects although ants living in isolation are not very uncommon. Ants possess a highly collective mentality- in a particular community every ant knows its role, perform its tasks and chores with utmost dignity so the whole community can thrive and sustain at its best.

Ants are persistent and diligent at their work- they can go to any level and cross any limit to complete their duties.

They can carry a bread crumb for miles with extreme endurance to their habitat. They can excavate earth, fight battles or cross any hurdles that will come in-between their goals. Ants work for collecting food and protecting its colony.

They also set remarkable example of team work and co-operation. The colonies of ant are corresponds to human society. Social orders and division of labor prevails in the ant society. They completely accept the stratification within their society, hold honor for each member and together work for the betterment of their community.

Their nobility goes beyond these. For example most ant community has one or multiple Queen of their own. The queen ant can fly and gives birth to new ants.

When being pregnant they discard their wings, thus sacrificing their innate power for giving birth and taking care of the newborns. Ants set up great examples for the new ones and are also very good at guiding and training their new ones.

This learning by replicating trait is only visible among mammals. Newly adult ants start their duty by taking care of Queen and baby ants and slowly move towards scavenging food and defending nest.

Having ants as one's animal totem shows one's industrious features, it also point towards one's ability to co-operate with others and working for the society. People having characteristics of an ant tend to be determined; they achieve their goals with patience and insistence.

This attributes are not only for ant-people but a must to nurture among every human being. Being one with ant features is like being the guru of patience. One has to have a deep understanding of the members of a system, accept their worthiness and move ahead to make his/her own contribution.

This perception is the key to achieve equity in any civilization at any point of time. Observing and implying the collective manners of ants would certainly bring peace and prosperity to the world. Taking actions at micro level with honesty and motivation will surely bring changes in macro levels.

Ants are good examples of how to thrive in life with dignity. Practicing hard work, determination, persistence at individual level can lead to a prosperous life. While loyalty, mutual assistance, acknowledging everyone's role in the society will help to create a concrete base for a community. Like the ancient Latin saying, Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno which means "one for all, all for one".

Ants show up as a spirit guide when

  • One is not able to adjust in society.
  • When one find it difficult to maintain friends.
  • When one find it difficult to focus on goal and worried too much of hardships.
  • When one it difficult to work in a group.
  • When one is feeling alone.

Call on an Ant as a spirit guide when

  • You need the courage to continue.
  • You feel that you are everything and nobody else counts.
  • You are too busy with present good times and not able to work for bad times.
  • You find it hard to focus on the need to work hard to have safe future.
  • You find it hard to fight he odds.

By Flo Saul
Mar 25, 2013