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Here you will find tarot card articles that will help you on your journey of learning about the cards. 


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Flo Saul / Apr 9, 2020

King of Wands and Nine of Pentacles Combination

The Nine of Pentacles and the King of Wands featured in a tarot spreads indicates that the asker…

Flo Saul / Jun 4, 2020

Tarot Card Order

When I carry out a reading I always (depending on the situation) put my tarot cards into…

Flo Saul / Jun 10, 2020

Two Card Reading

Here I have just briefly run over the two card spread.

Flo Saul / Jun 10, 2020

Find your true path in life

I am sure reading this article, you might have heard of tarot cards and tarot reading.  But at…