The Magician As Feelings

Magician Tarot Meaning

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The Magician As Feelings

The Fool leads us to the Magician. It's card number one. Take a moment to think about all the wonderful wizards in literature. For instance, Harry Pottery and Merlin will come to mind. There is one thing they all have in common: the ability to deal with any situation. This card's secret lies in being upfront and getting together in love. 

This relationship is always controlled by the magician, no matter what happens. The magic begins when the planets line up in certain positions in the sky. I always feel when I draw this card for clients that he has all the tools he needs to succeed in this relationship: the magician's emotions (the cups), his ideas ( the swords), focus (the wands), and action in love (pentacles).

As the Magician gazes at the blooms,
Above her head a star pentagon looms.
Beauty fills her with awe,
Enchantment in the sky she saw.
A spark of hope that all can feel,
A moment like this is truly real.
Stardust twinkled in the night sky,
The feelings inside cannot lie.
Splendor of the flowers and star above,
Ensures that bliss comes from love.

The magician card is drawn to manifest a perfect relationship and make it a reality. The Magician tarot card represents the union: possible engagement, or marriage. Manifestation is all about making dreams come true and manifesting visions. Proposals may be made. In order to make their future together a reality, the Magician says “yes”.

You can tell if someone feels the "Magician" about you when they look deep into your eyes. It is obvious to others that they have a deep knowledge of love. There is no doubt that the Magician is the key card to success in love. Despite what some tarot professionals call "intelligence" or "magic", it is really pure success. 

The Magician - His Feelings For You

In terms of how he feels, your magic inspires and charms him. It feels magical to be around you. He feels your enthusiasm and energy are infectious. As well as being innovative, they are connected to your own  “magic.” I always feel it is like a magnetic connection. Currently, he has a sense of where he wants to be in a relationship but, there is a question of commitment --- especially if the Magician is drawn with the knight of wands. The Magician can be seen as a sign that someone is interested in you and eager to make the love work. There is something magical between you bothl. It's easy to communicate and appears you share your interests.

The Magician - Her Feelings For You

When the Magician appears in readings for how she feels, it can indicate that she feels you bring her magic, she trusts you and she is wondering if you are her soulmate. In it’s simplest sense the Magician provides a gateway into your feelings and good times are to be celebrated. If this is a new relationship it can signal that she cherished her freedom and that you need to give space as it is a relationship all about balance.

The Magician: Ex Boyfriend, Ex Husband, Ex Girlfriend or Ex Wife's feelings for you

If you are asking how your ex partner feels the Magician indicates an old flame has rekindled their feelings for you. The Magician is also a good omen if you are looking to get back together. Maybe recently they have been thinking about the special moments you shared, what you did together, and how your relationship made them feel. "Man can change his or her future by simply changing their attitude." - Oprah Winfrey

The Magician Tarot card when drawn for past relationships indicates that taking action is a milestone that needs achieving for this ex partner. I often see this card as the ex partner knowing now as time has passed that the “grass might not have been greener on the other side” do you feel that is the case? They may feel compelled to contact you again, so check those text messages!

The Magician: How Someone Sees You

If you have asked how "someone sees you" and the Magician appears this person is blow away, but under complete control of their emotions about you. This is a "show person" able to lift you up when down, the person is clearly "facinated" by you and there is real magic that lies there.

The Magician Feelings Reversed

I often see this card when the rose tinted glasses are steamed up and you or your partner are questioning if they are the one for you. When the Magician's position is reversed, the desire to manifest and take action is suppressed in some way. While they would like to see certain things happen, they have no immediate plans to make them happen. Anxiety and fear can cause this. 

Those whose values are in conflict with yours are the Magicians reversed, it could be that this person is seeing someone else but their heart is with you. Something isn't right. You don't need to worry about this. Your relationship might be able to reach a whole new level if you take advantage of this opportunity. This could be a sign that they are looking to collaborate with you and create a common outlook for the future. To feel inspired, motivated, and renewed, they need to reconnect with their "why". The worst scenario is that the Magician reversed can be used to deceive and manipulate people. It can come in many forms. They may feel you are too self-interested at their expense or have taken advantage of you in the past, either emotionally or financially. You can be honest with yourself and take this your relationship to the next level can be a great opportunity for you.

If you happen to be single or dating (new relationships) then  the Magician reversed can indicate some kind of tension, or conflict when it comes to feelings. The reversed card doesn’t represent complete failure --- but the ability to create a vision of a “better” way forward. This lover really likes you however, they are looking for reasons to move on in life. 

The Magician reversed in feelings is for those who are married or in a long-term committed relationship have to look hard at your relationship and how you both interact. The magician represents the casting a spell and mercury governs the Magician, which is all about communication. There is something that is preventing you from communicating. Ask yourself what you can do to improve the situation. It's not always simple or straightforward. Your areas of responsibility should be taken seriously. Your partner should be open with you, hopefully. If you pull the Magician reversed in regard to an ex partners feelings it could be that they feel they have had enough and want to move on. 

The reversed Magician is a sign that a couple is not ready to make a commitment. It is important for them to feel that they are not aligned with your values. Before they can move forward, there are some important issues in your relationship that must be addressed. This alignment is essential for them to move forward. Focus on having open and honest discussions about the key areas of a successful partnership if you are looking to get a commitment. 

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The Magician As Feelings - My Conclusion

As a tarot card for feelings -- the Magician represents power and magic in this love affair. This means that someone is quite taken by you --, and is capable, motivated, and eager to make things happen between the two of you. It does not surprise me that this person is likely to be confident in their ability to convey their feelings for you effectively. The Magician may be ready to act, or at least make an effort to converse their feelings about you. This tarot card suggests someone is passionate and interested in you and may be ready to take steps towards a deeper relationship with you when it appears in your reading.