The Eight Of Wands As Feelings

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The Eight Of Wands As Feelings

Back in the day, this card would always mean to me --- a message from a lover nan regard to feelings cards and this message would be very FAST. I feel that this will divide you into two camps "woo woo" I can't wait to get a message or "oh no no" I don't like this person.

Look at my card above, the mountains represent that you have had difficulty in love, the butterflies represent a new beginning (and a calm one) due to the color blue. I've pretty much had this card to show that "someone feels "as if they want to come forward and that someone feels connected to you, with speed, speed, and swift movement coming forward.

Also, the wands coming across the sky in my card above, are related to the “arrows of love” in fact, most tarot decks describe these wands as messages and love arrows. This card for a feelings type spread tells me that for feelings it's time to take action and go for it no matter how uncertain you might feel. A situation could develop quickly so don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn't quite right.

This card invites us to give our relationships more attention and deepen the conversations we share with those closest to us. We should make sure that we are having meaningful exchanges with those around us as this will allow an opportunity to understand each other better and build a relationship based on love rather than fear or doubt. 

When the eight of Wands appears in a feelings reading, it could also mean that you are likely to become “together” with someone. And, this card encourages us to step outside our comfort zone and put ourselves out there when it comes to finding connection with others; by investing our time into meaningful conversation, we may find just what we were looking (or hoping) for.

The Eight of wands: His feelings towards you?

When you see the Eight of Wands in how he feels about you, it brings news that is swift and will have big implications for your life. The energy of the Wands suit in Tarot is one of action, creative power, passion, and motivation. It represents, in my readings: courage, progress, and ambition - which makes this card for feelings highly significant. 

Let me explain further. I also feel that this card has special meaning when it comes to relationships - whether the relationship being discussed is romantic or platonic. Since this card signifies movement forward with purpose and intent, it could indicate that they are feeling positive towards you and want to take things further - which can be very exciting! In my experience, if someone receives an Eight of Wands as pertaining to their feelings for another individual then it usually means they have been making true progress in terms of their affections. 

The implications associated with this card are multiple yet all very meaningful in regards to relationships: communication has been established between two individuals; barriers previously slowing down progression may now be removed; there's a sense of excitement as possibilities arise; time is also important here because both parties need to remain aware that swiftness does not reflect depth or strength-of-feelings. I would encourage you to consider grounding techniques --- before any decisions or actions are taken.

The Eight of wands: Her feelings towards you?

Her feeling towards you in this card can suggest that there is a sort of bringing together of all the elements in this relationship and that she is interested in you (in a passionate kind of way) I also believe that this is a card of a message coming through m(text message, WhatsApp) and the way the wands are darting through the sky can suggest that love arrows are coming your way. 

For her feelings for you: it is a sign of movement, change, and passion. It can suggest that something big is about to happen and new experiences will soon be on the horizon. When it comes to feelings this card can also indicate strong passions that are likely growing quickly over time.

On a deeper level, this card encourages you to take action in pushing things forward--to make sure your words match what you desire and feel in your hearts. In relation to a woman’s feelings for you specifically, it means they have an intense connection with you filled with powerful emotions. In a greater meaning, the presence of wands also suggests that heat and enthusiasm exist between two lovers.

The Eight of wands: Ex Boyfriend, Ex Husband, Ex Girlfriend or Ex Wife's feelings for you?

I often have emails from people wondering what this card means if an ex lover feels this way about them, I can tell you that I have seen this as regretting the breakup and that they want to communicate this. In a reading involving an ex-lover, drawing the eight of wands can often indicate that your former lover is still connected to you emotionally, and of course energetically. This could show not only outwardly expressed emotions but deep within, I also feel there may be lingering feelings about your relationship and bond that remain unsaid. 

Although this card does not guarantee a sort of love reconciliation in the near future with them if they have moved on with another partner or are otherwise committed elsewhere; it does help to confirm that whatever happened between the two of you has left a lasting impression. 

It is important to remember however that while feeling acknowledged by another person for all we have experienced together is always appreciated; ultimately, no one else's opinion or love needs to define our self-worth. At the heart, true love begins and ends within ourselves - so don't forget to take good care of yourself during this time, but also prepare to have a "message" from your ex-partner.

The Eight of Wands: How Someone Sees You?

In regards to tarot spreads "How someone sees you" are slightly different than feelings types spread. I mean your person wants quick action when it comes to love with you. They are able to jump from one task or goal to another with ease and it seems like they are constantly moving forward, never staying still for too long. The arrows of love in my card can suggest that someone sees you as a lover, caring, and a challenge.

The Eight of Wands stands out so much because it mirrors the rapid movements in those wands in the imagery of the card itself it shows swift actions. This card can indicate that someone around you has noticed your ability to think fast and take decisive action without delay.

The Eight of Wands: How someone feels about you reversed

When The Eight of Wands appears reversed in a tarot reading, it generally suggests blocked energy or stagnation. This could be seen as someone feeling stuck in a certain place in their life and/or relationship with you. It can also define a period spent either reflecting on the past or building towards the future. I don't feel a message is coming quickly if this card is drawn for their feelings for you.

I believe the Eight of Wands reversed indicates that someone is feeling emotionally stagnant when it comes to you. They may be holding back and not expressing how they truly feel about you due to some fear, insecurity, or lack of motivation. If this person has been distant from you lately, it’s likely because they don’t want to commit to anything until they have sorted out their own feelings first. 

If this card is connected to your question about someone else’s feelings towards you then I am thinking that this person may not be ready/willing to truly invest themselves in the relationship yet and they need more time before making any decisions regarding your connection together. Give them space and time if needed as it will give them time for self-reflection is needed. I am sorry this is not more positive.

The Eight of Wands As Feelings - My Conclusion

In summary, this card is about the fact that you had to follow your heart. If you are feeling a sapped of energy then this card is a sign that you need to be open to someone messaging you. Having an open heart and mind is something that you need in regard to the wands.