Justice and Five Of Wands Combination

Justice And 5 Of Wands

Justice And Five Of Wands Upright Meaning

The five of wands means that there is a competition going on. Imagine a single man walking into a room looking at the women and other men, he wants to meet women or him, he’s looking to take out the competition. Combined with Justice can indicate that a decision that is fair has been reached. The five wands indicate hurdles overcome and energy is built up and needs to be released. There is also a game being played here, with maybe feelings. The situation is highly competitive.

The question is are you up for the game? The imagery of the Five of Wands in the Rider Waite tarot deck shows us that they are battling but we don't know for sure if it is a sport or a real battle. Also combined with Justice it could be something that is taken to a courtroom in order to reach a decision. The five of wands can symbolize the effort put in to fight and justice is that the decision that will be reached is fair game.

Justice And Five Of Wands Combination As Love

Lawyers can also represent the figures on the five of wands in that a legal battle will eventually have a just outcome. It can also mean that a petty disagreement will end in a fair result and that only time will tell how important the fight actually was. The five of wands is also about choosing which battles to fight and that you must stand out and compete with someone for a relationship to find a way to focus. 

Justice And Five Of Wands Combination As Feelings

Drawing the cards as feelings combined can indicate that there is competition in one party's feelings, maybe a third party in the mix or someone has many love choices. Justice can signify they are trying to reach a decision that has already been made and it is time to move on together or alone. The feelings are that there is something important about the battle and that one party may wish for this to be the end. It can also signify being chased by someone and this ending in a fair result.

Justice And Five Of Wands Reversed Combination

Justice reversed indicates dishonesty with a situation, in that the people fighting in the five of Wands are using underhand tactics to get what they want. Justice reversed is about unfairness, imbalance, and that there is an “injustice” in a situation. It can also be a sign you are going to reap what you sow in regards to a situation. It is all about exploitation in relationships and can mean that a former partner's actions and competitive nature is going to harm your mind. This is a sign that it is best to open yourself up to avoid this fight in the future. The drama in both cards could indicate ghosting in a relationship sense or a complicated situation that will bring distress.