The Fool Tarot Love Meaning

The Fool Tarot Love

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The Fool Tarot Love Meaning (Upright)

In love, fools want to be carefree, feel innocent, and are ready to take that leap, but at the same time, they want a relationship where they don't have to be caged in and can enjoy it openly. I often associate the fool with no strings attached relationships, friends with benefits, and fooling around when reading tarot love readings. 

In my view, the fool in a love can represent renewal and new beginnings in a love relationship, but also comes with a warning of the continued strife in connection with commitment. To me, this card is about two people that are destined to embark on a journey together. Seeing the Fool in a love reading reminds us that we can love and be loved -- but it is normally “puppy” love --- just like that first date when you were at school. This card normally shows up in a love reading when you are just getting together or you still have that early relationship “spark.”If you have split up from your lover recently you are thinking of getting back together, then as the card of the unnumbered, the Fool is completely free from all responsibilities of love.  If you are asking about a past love, the beautiful fool card brings optimism and hope about the future in love, but it could be a rocky road.

If you are asking about a possible lover and their feelings the answer will be “don’t be foolish”, remember to be completely transparent and don’t fall easily in love, despite the possible painful repercussions, the card denotes becoming a romantic legend. It is possible that you are blind to the faults of your partner. Who is most probably an unconventional creative person mixed with a child’s personality? This might appeal to you if you're attracted to a peculiar and endearing type of lover. You might not find this lover to be what you are used to --- or even the “norm.” If you have a I want to rescue temperament, you might find him or her irritating and captivating at the same time.

Despite the fools' creativity, they tend to be disorganized and disorderly in their lives, and yes, they can be quite immature. The fun continues until you realize you may soon be a surrogate parent to this lover.

The fool and the world often appear when there is a complete transformation coming your way. It is important to be careful if The Fool and The Devil are paired up. There is a possibility of addiction here. In my readings the fool always represented a new job or career path so if you asked about love this card can indicate that you may find this at work. A love reading with this card may also include the lovers, and if this comes out alongside the fool it means you will try to win over the hearts of the impossible, and may only cause yourself misery.

Let go and believe in the best outcome sometimes. By doing this, you can be with your beloved, rather than chasing after someone else, which is what happens when the hanged man is near this card.

The Fool Tarot Love Outcome

Oh my gosh. In the absence of a clear understanding or commitment from the fool, there is no way forward. My advice is to maintain that positive attitude, be alert, and not let your sentimental side blind you to those “red flags” that are being shown to you. This card reminds you to let your partner handle the heavy lifting. You and your partner can enjoy a dance rather than running a marathon.

The Fool Tarot Love Reconciliation

If you are thinking of giving your lover an ultimatum (if they have not yet committed) then let me tell you, people don't like them. I don't like them, the fool showing up says that we are free to follow our journey as we see fit. Just watch that Netflix TV show called ultimatum marry me or split up -- and 9 times out of 10 the contestants normally get bad news. Keep in mind, if your partner has not spoken about commitment in the first year they are unlikely going to commit. The fool represents "liking someone" just enough but being too afraid to commit, if that makes sense. The fool does mean that you may get back together but the road could be rocky.

We don't have to worry about making mistakes when we make bold choices. We are reminded by the Fool card that staying in our comfort zone isn't always the best course of action. As an unnumbered card this in love represents someone who is completely free of all responsibility. As with a regular playing card pack, it is known as the Joker, carefree and risk free.

The Fool: Past Love

This is a great card to draw for love in the past position, it shows that the relationship was fun, happy and carefree. There was a lack of seriousness in the relationship at this point, either on your end or on your partner's. There's a good chance that one of you just rushed into the relationship impulsively if you're living together. Fools have no boundaries, and no one can control them. It's like doing the same thing over and over again and still getting the same results. A relationship can be saved by believing a lover who promises never to shout or go crazy when you want to do something and they don't --- is this true? Fools can provide us with clues to our own actions but either way I see the card as "breaking free" from a situation or person, it could be the fact the Hermit is on the fools journey. In the past you have in love had the option to be alone to gain a deeper perspective of the relationship. Have you gained the knowledge you need to start the fools journey again?

The Fool: Present Love

If you see the fool in a present love reading it can suggest that the relationship does not have the commitment that you want; maybe it is just two people who like to spend time together. You enjoy spending time with your partner. You are both thrilled to be with each other. It's great that you can both laugh so often! On a negative front, I often see this come up when your potential partner/partner does not want the same level of commitment as you. Therefore, your lover and you are not on the same page. There is no such thing as being both fully present as well as in the here and now. The energy of the fool brings with it that exciting tension.

The Fool: How Someone Sees You Or Feelings for You

This person sees you as exciting, something fresh, and is obsessed. There is a danger though --- you could be being led on unintentionally by your partner. In reality, this person is rather carefree -- just taking things one day at a time, despite their appearance of wanting a commitment in the future, they are too immature to make this work, I am not saying it will not work but could be hard work.

The Fool is also about new beginnings and folly, to some degree a bit of passion as well. It could mean they want you but don’t want the commitment of a full-time relationship. It is difficult to explain or express your feelings to this lover. Feelings may change from day to day or minute to minute. There is a possibility that this person can cause confusion in your mind and heart, one minute you are thinking this is the "love of your life" the next you wish you never got into this so deep.

The Fool Love Environment

It is possible that you have a chaotic environment that affects your relationship or your chances of getting series with this person. When the fool in love is drawn in regards to the environment it can indicate that new beginnings are surrounding you. 

The Fool Love Action And Advice

Actions towards you when this card is drawn is that someone may sweep you off your feet. If you asked about their action towards you and you pull the fool card then there will be a lack of commitment.When it comes to attracting or keeping a partner's attention, be relaxed. Fun is what your partner is looking for in a partner. Humor is very important to them. And, putting too much pressure on them will only make them feel discouraged. Don't forget to enjoy yourself and make explosive memories with this person.

The Fool Hopes And Fears In Love

  • Your hopes: You want to be able to stop stressing out about your partner's actions and what they are feeling about you. Remember, you don't want your relationship to be in a constant cycle of ups and downs.
  • Your Fears: It is possible that your partner will downplay your emotions or they do not consider your thoughts because they are happy and lucky. Their apathetic behavior -- not reading those messages, calling when they should, being somewhere but not showing up, not putting you first is a sign they don't care as much about you as you do about them!
  • Unexpected or the Unknown: The fool brings along the fact that everything in love is possible at this point. You can't even imagine how the circumstances, people, and everything will affect your situation. There's no need to worry, some of these aspects can prove to be helpful when brought to light.

The Fool Tarot Reversed Love

In spite of our fears or doubts, fools reverse still encourage us to take chances and trust in our abilities. Symbolizing resilience, reminding us that if we persist through life's challenges, we will succeed. The reversed position of this card for love encourages you to let go of all that holds you back so that you can embrace new ideas and follow new paths. There is more seriousness in the reversed fool than the upright, try to stay enthusiastic and optimistic person, bringing enthusiasm to your life.

Depending on your character, you may enjoy spending time with this person. As a whole, the Fool Tarot card represents hope and new beginnings but these could be delayed due to folly. To find our way back, all we need is courage, trust, and perseverance. It is with confidence and hope that we can embark on the journey of love reconciliation with the Fool tarot card as our guide. 

The Fool Card In Love Readings For A Single Person

The Fool card can indicate that you are barely scraping by in your love life when it appears in a love reading for a single person. This is a sign of too much neediness and a love of parsing the emotional landscape. As if you are standing at the edge of a cliff and are being buffeted by a strong wind. The feeling is almost like being pushed forward into the unknown, yet you are still hesitant to take the plunge. You might feel the same way when it comes to love, too scared and unsure of what will happen if you just jump in. During a love reading for a single person, I recommend taking your time when dealing with the Fool card. Explore the unknown without fear and don't rush into anything.

The Fool Tarot Love Conclusion

Relationships or potential relationships' true outcomes aren't meant to be shared with you just yet. There is a tendency to think or worry about the future. Don't miss out on the moment. There is a possibility that you may be able to win your lover over in the future if you are not already a couple. With or without this current person as your partner, you will be able to make exciting discoveries.

The Fool Love Poem

Here is a poem I wrote which might inspire you to think about the meaning of the fool when it comes to love:

Love is a sight to behold 
Taking a chance, no matter how bold
Hearts know no bounds, and so they go
Embracing feelings and following love’s flow

Feel the bliss that flows from within
Let go of what scares you, let’s begin
The Fool sees promise in all of us
And inspires us to put our trust.

Opening the door of new love they climb
Taking every moment as it comes this time
Lessons that life teaches two lovers to give
Are so much happier when we live

Thought the path ahead may seem unwise
The Fool is strength which never dies
In love, trust your intuition will guide you through
For in it lies bravery and power anew.

Let go of the restrictions, get them out of your way
To the way of love, come what may
Discover this new love with an eager heart
A Fool sets the path to a fresh new start.

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