King of Wands and Seven Of Wands Combination

The combination of these two cards is about restricting the truth. There is conflict and it may mean someone putting up the barriers. The king of wands is self-confident and that sureness they have done the right thing comes off, so he is not distracted and has made up his mind. If the question is about feelings or related to love it can mean the king will be on the defense, they will back away or attack.

The King of Wands is a lovely charmer and never looks weak or acts without intent. The king has superiority in the situation and his mind is made up. The card also shows that the situation at present will not be set in stone but it is up to the warm, confident king to change it. He takes control of events and the situation. There is nothing that can be done to change that. For actions, these two combined can indicate that you must defend what you have, but the seven can show that this will be hard work. This can mean your status must be protected and feelings are being hidden. 

King of Wands and Seven Of Wands Combination Love

These two cards in love readings are about an unpleasant situation that has materialized and the king's mind is made up. The King of Wands is not showing his true feelings and the seven of wands shows there are arguments coming in the way, in essence, there is a focus on survival and an act of self-defense. The King of Wands can also indicate that there is a larger aspect to this situation than you know about. This is also about saying one thing and doing another, with a mature person.

King of Wands and Seven Of Wands Combination Feelings

As feelings, these card combinations can mean someone feels defensive and that they are “taking a stand” against something that is wrong. It could be love is offered and not taken up and the king is confident in his decision to pursue a relationship. 

King of Wands and Seven Of Wands Combination Actions

In the position of future actions, these two cards combined can mean that the king will move into a corner and be unable to get out of a situation. If for example, the king ended a relationship he would find it hard, due to his ego to go back into that relationship. For advice, the card combination can mean that it is time to be stubborn, defensive, and fight for what you want.

King of Wands and Seven Of Wands Reversed Combination

Passions could be focused on destruction and defensiveness if these two are reversed. It can mean that passion is going in a negative direction and that the energy is blocked. The energy is diminishing and the ego and pride will force their way through. It is basically my way or the highway type stance.