The Magician - Yes Or No Tarot

Magician Tarot Meaning

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The Magician "Yes Or No" Tarot Meaning

The “Yes or No” tarot spread resembles a magician who creates illusions with the cards. My Moondust tarot deck, like the magician's hat, contains an array of possibilities that can reveal answers to your questions. With the help of the cards, you can act as a conductor between the mysteries of the universe and true destiny. The flowers surround her when she dances Laying out the cards creates a tapestry that reveals secrets and possibilities that are not normally apparent. I am going to provide you with a breakdown of the “Yes or No” meanings when you draw the magician in your spread

The Magician Upright - A "Yes Or No" Card?

First of all, if you are asking the tarot a “Yes or No” question and draw the Magician, this is a “Yes” sign. Here's what I mean: you know what it takes to make things happen. I've personally never been a fan of self-love, to me, as a "yes" card the Magician indicates there is going to be some crucial shift internally. It's like grasping what you really want in life when no one is looking. Through my clients' readings, I've found that there is an element of frustration when the magician appears in the spread for a “Yes or No” reading. This is normally because the true definition has not been completely mapped out. 

We can all be our own magicians, and drawing this card in your reading can indicate we need to learn which actions will yield the best results and which decisions will bring us closer to our goals. The interpretation lies beyond this simple binary system. To get the most out of your reading.

The Magician Reversed - A "Yes Or No" Card?

The meaning of the magician card when reversed in tarot is not so much a "yes" or "no" answer, but rather an indication that you possess the power and resources to manifest the things that you desire. In my experience, the magician card is normally a “No” when reversed, but I do think you need to understand that with a proactive approach to life you can turn this around. To create a life you want, you must take action and utilize your skills and talents. You can also use this card to remind yourself that you can accomplish anything you want. Even seemingly impossible dreams can be realized through focus and dedication. Starting a business, earning a degree, or finding a fulfilling career are all examples of taking advantage of your own drive and creativity. Magicians are a call to action - to take control of your life and create your own destiny.

The Magician Upright Love And Relationships  - A "Yes Or No" Card?

As the Magician in love he is normally a “yes” card, but I want to share this with you, when I was younger I dealt with the problem of not knowing where I stood in many love relationships and would fall into “situationships.”

In my teenage years, I was a needy person who wanted too much from friends, my mother, and my relatives. It was crucial for me to be reassured and supported by myself rather than others. I needed to think about how I navigated relationships and what I really needed. The kind of love the Magician represents is this "lack of commitment" but the Magician card also represents manifesting your deepest desires into reality. After all, if we look at this card she is dancing and has all the tools of the tarot to make her dreams happen. Having faith in love --- that you can make something happen but remember, that you may struggle to understand where you stand.

The Magician Reversed Love And Relationships - A "Yes Or No" Card?

The Magician appearing in the spread reversed for love is normally a “No” card. I feel that this card is about how you feel rather than anything “external” in my tarot readings, I often see this card appear when someone has been hurt by another. 

Creating a safe environment for yourself will allow you to express what's going on inside. I advise you not to fear the turmoil within. It can be overwhelming, even paralyzing at times, but it's part of love and having a complex emotional relationship. It could just be that there is a  feeling of having to be externally "perfect", but feeling miserable on the inside. In order to cultivate emotional health and self-acceptance, acknowledging your feelings and giving yourself permission to feel hurt in love can feel like an uphill battle at times, but we must do this in order to find happiness.

The Magician Upright - A "Yes Or No" For Advice/Action?

If the Magician appeared in an advice or action position in a reading it is normally deemed a “Yes.” It is about making time for yourself and allowing yourself to explore what you really want is more important than ignoring them and pretending your feelings exist.

The Magician Reversed - A "Yes Or No" For Advice/Action?

The reversed magician for advice and action is a “Yes” card, it could be that you are not sure what to do in a situation. You tell yourself that you have an attitude problem. When a child finds the teacher's classes boring, a crappy teacher will say this. In order to get the result you need make sure that you understand the dancing Magician has the tools at her disposal. 

The Magician Upright - A "Yes Or No" For Business, Money And Career?

It is a powerful force to pull the Magician upright for career purposes, which is typically a "Yes" card. The power of wanting appreciation and acknowledgment is even stronger. My belief is that you became lost in a fog and saw all your strong emotions as threats. Feeling like you wish to “escape” may be your only thought. I do feel there is less intensity in your feelings now. Previously, you worked too hard, so now you are working less. You were supposed to be happier by doing this, but it doesn't seem to be making you happier. Now you're even less happy, and drawing the Magician in upright work reading can mean you have all the tools to make things work again.

The Magician Reversed - A "Yes Or No" For Business, Money And Career?

In career readings, I often find that the Magician appears when clients expect things to go wrong. It's a "No" card. In spite of the Magician's focus on manifestation, we sometimes have to question our own goals. We all need to be brave when we are facing a career crisis. You may see the Magician reversed when you have drunk too much, argued with your friends, or quit your job. This is showing you that, after a period of difficulty, there is a new world out there for you to discover. 

Summary of The Magician in "Yes Or No" Readings

The metaphors and symbolism of the Magician can help you gain a better understanding of your situation, which I hope will allow you to make wise decisions. Life isn't easy. It takes work, patience and a willingness to be vulnerable. The best advice I can give is that the Magician is generally a “Yes” meaning so stay true to your own values and don’t compromise them for anyone else.

She is a Magician in her violet dress,
While dancing under the stardust above her head,
Roses encircle her as she spins and turns,
Will fortune smile on you? Yes or No?
She smiles into the crystal ball,
And wonders what destiny holds,
Her magic wand points high and low,
Will fortune smile on you? Yes or No?

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