Two Card Reading

Two Card Spread

Here I have just briefly run over the two card spread. Don’t forget to go to readings to get your free two card reading by clicking here. If you are a beginner, it is advisable that you start with these smaller tarot spreads, such as the two card spread - because it basically carries a lesser risk of confusion when reading the cards. As you begin to improve you will gain the experience as a Tarot reader, you can revisit the two card spread - and the three cards spread to understand your skill level.

A two card tarot spread can be very powerful because it is open and leaves you to figure out the projected outcome of the result in life. It can also help you come up with a solution on your own. The two card spread generally does not predict the future, but instead, shows what I will call “pure dynamics” which indicate that you need to find a solution or answer within. 

It is important to remember the numerological significance of digit two and how you relate to and interpret the messages and energy of the two card spread.  The digit two is focused on tension, polarity, choices, change, dissonance, relating, tension, and harmony. During Tarot reading, number two is a representation of the mysterious and wise high priestess Gabriel, the archangelic corresponding as the ruler of the moon. When carrying out the two card spread try to imagine having pillars on either side of the High Priestess as you lay the cards down this will help you tap into the spiritual meaning. 

What is the crossroads tarot spread?

If you are about to make a very important decision in your life and you don’t know which path to follow, the crossroads tarot spread will help you. How is it done? Make six simple card tarot spreads, and you will be able to get three answers: what will happen if you choose out of the two choices which you have at your disposal, and a third one, which the tarot suggests is the true one. 

It is normally made when the consultation is all about issues that have two different ways of selecting it and still, you are in doubt about the consequences of your decisions. In case you are not sure of the path to choose, use the crossroad tarot spread. Through it, you will be able to briefly and clearly discover the roads that will reveal what I call “choices” it can be used after making and putting a decision into practice.  If you use it as an oracle, you can use this spread in different situations to inspire you when you are confronting a problem and uncover the best way to tackle it.

During the reading, the crossroad refers to where you are now that is, your attitudes, your feelings, and state of mind. The obstacles before you is a representation of what is blocking you, the nature of the problem and what you are resisting. The angel at the crossroad tarot spread is what is going to help you to overcome your obstacles and crossroad. The demon during the reading is what won’t help you, that is, the actions and attitudes that you need to avoid. The path to the heart is representing where you need to get, using the strategy in one of the cards.

The cards can be rearranged and altered if you have more than one choice or option to make or you can rearrange it into a cross-shaped to make it a four-way crossroad. If you arrange it in an equal arm cross as a four-way crossroad, you will be able to work with the Hermes energies which are the ones in control of the four-way crossroads. 

In case you are not sure of which crossroad to take or what you need to do next between two options or more, the two card spred will be able to look at the various challenges you are facing, the past influences, cons, and pros of both potential outcomes and options for each.

What are the two paths spread? 

There are three main steps in doing the two path spread as follows: Looking and locating. Feeling and following. Synthesising and speaking.

Looking and Locating the Two Card Spread

During the look and locate stage,  you need to know what it is that you want to locate beside the basic card reading. And you can group them according to:

  • Whether it is minor or major. Is it a minor arcana or are they on the same level? If both are major, it means a major life lesson and fated elements are overruling your desires and designs. 
  • Check out the elements involved: is it dry or wet, hot or cold, tension or harmonious.  Check out if the plates and the signs are going hand in hand.
  • Numbers should be read. If the even numbers are yin and odd numbers are yang, the repeating numbers automatically form an exclamation mark which represents angelic messages. 
  • Check for relevant visual clues. It can represent anything relevant to whatever question that you asked. 

Feel and Follow 

After you draw the two cards and put them down to read - how it makes you feel? Follow this feeling to its roots. Ask yourself why you feel the way you feel. The energy source should then be followed deep within, through the first card and the second one. Note down the tension or resistance between the two cards and uncover if there is any resistance at all. Sometimes, once we have read the cards we can spiritually move the card over our body to find out how the card felt. Is it feeling light or heavy on you? If you converted the tarot to music, how will it sound and what dance moves will you make?

Synthesizing and Speaking

The next step will be to translate your feelings and what you read in the two-card spread and how this has made sense to you. Be bold and speak out in a more poetic or flowery way than the normal way you are used to. If you logically could analyze the situation, then you wouldn’t have gone ahead and read the cards; you are reading the cards because you were unable to get a solution in the logical way.  You can practice speaking your answers out loud immediately you start reading the meanings out loud as it will make it easier for you to read for others. 

I am a true believer that after reading you should keep a journal of all your Tarot reading for future reference and this can help track your progress as far as the Tarot reading is concerned. 

So basically I hope that the two-card spread can be used for uncovering a question that you have and try to follow these points when embarking on a reading. You can gain a two-card reading on my website by clicking the tarot menu. Blessings x