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Magician Tarot Meaning

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What does the Magician tarot card mean in Love?

For love, the magician is a juggler. As my magician dances in the night she is a symbol of intelligence, communication, influence, skill, and quick thinking. A great lover may also be one who has mastered the art of manipulating situations to his or her advantage, and if you are asking for an outcome to a love or relationship the magician is telling me that there is a special kind of magic when it comes to your relationship, allowing you to forgive each other's faults and move forward together, but the magician has many tricks in store for you. Here is a poem I have written to sum up the true meaning of love readings involving the magician, being a number one we need to understand how powerful this card is:

The Magician Love Reconciliation

It is a positive sign when you draw the magician for getting back together in a relationship, because it signals that "understanding" is the most powerful and effective way to reunite two people. In relationships that have become complicated and stuck in misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and simmering resentments, this card normally appears. I want to let you know that there  is clarity on hope, courage, and forgiveness in this card. With the right attitude and commitment to compromise, the love can reach new heights. Equally, a damaged relationship can be rebuilt and happiness can be reclaimed when two people work together (and of course want to). You both have all the tricks to make a relationship work if you are passionate and committed enough. 

The Magician: Past Love Position

When someone has been misled previously by a partner, the Magician often appears in the past position. Perhaps they weren't entirely honest about their relationship status, or perhaps someone else was on their mind at the time.
In the past, the Magician grasps on every single communication (re-reading texts), but magic forces have been at work to show your talents and get far in the world through accomplishments. Maybe you're resting on the foundations or the tools laid down during this time. Everything is at the magicians disposal it is just a case of the power of thought and if near an Ace this combination can indicate that new beginnings will happen in the relationship. Rather than just think this is a foolish love it is about taking what the fool has in the bag and we need to focus on your possibilities of the future.

The Magician: Present Love Position

The Magician can mean many things in your current love life. Just like the Fool, the Magician can indicate a fresh start or a chance for something "magical" to happen. If you manifest positive change with your partner, you can also create something beautiful together. A Magician tarot card in a love reading --- has the potential to bring great things to your relationship. On a more negative note, think of the magician as the “trickster” who is he trying to trick? In my tarot readings I always draw this when someone is lying to the other, especially if near the moon or next door to the 10 of swords. It doesn't necessarily indicate infidelity. An absence of communication, or even a lack of honesty about money, could be the reason for these situations in readings.

The Magician: Love Outcome Future Position

I always find the meaning can change if the Magician is drawn next to another tarot card. In combination with other Tarot cards, the magician can have a completely different meaning. It may indicate that you need to let go of a situation or challenge if the Magician appears next to the Tower card. Chariots, Strength, and Judgement cards are positive when next to the Magician and can reflect the possibility of achieving your desires. In the Magician card, you are reminded that you have the power to create your own destiny.

If the 10 of cups is near the Magician for a love outcome this is an indication of starting fresh in some area of your life, such as a new relationship or creative endeavor with a potential lover. It can also mean that you have the potential to heal a broken situation. In my view, the Magician card is a reminder that you both have the power to create that “lasting love” if you are willing to get your tools to work.

The Magician: How Someone Sees You Or Feelings For You

In regards to your feelings drawing the Magician can point to being "egocentric" when it comes to your lover or potential lover. Their only concern is getting what they want, and they do not care about others unless they benefit from it. In order to get what they want, they will manipulate you.

The relationship between you and your potential lover/love interest will naturally progress for the better if this "ego" is dropped. You don't have to push too hard since things are already fated. Relationships are moving in the right direction for you, as this person feels you are mysterious and can trick you into loving them. They currently see you through “rose tinted glasses.” You could be extremely selfish in this relationship, even though you may not be aware of it. It is not important to you what your partner feels. Consider your partner's feelings if it negatively impacts you or your relationship. Your deepest desires must be fulfilled at all costs.

The Magician Environment

Someone outside your relationship/potential relationship could be manipulating your situation. You might be influenced by a friend, family member, or coworker. Con-men are often associated with this card. There is an hidden connection between this card and infidelity and dishonesty. Maybe you partner is pulling you over and you aren't being completely honest? It is possible that they have something to hide. Your relationship may appear to be fine on the surface. There could be people in your life who are suspicious of you and your partner, including family members and friends. In their opinion, you or your partner have a suspicious character and cannot be trusted.

The Magician Love Action And Advice

The Magician on my card is dancing she is not standing still, it means action is coming. This is about making sure that you have everything you need to pull off a happy relationship and not to go into the darkness. Certainly, you need tricks up your sleeve and to trust in your own intuition. As the "showman" you are likely to get an applause from your lover, but the danger is that the magician likes the disappearing act. A tricky person to pin down. 

The Magician Hopes And Fears In Love

  • Your hopes: You want your partner to be as determined as you are. You want them to put more effort into the relationship than you do. You want them to love you.
  • Your Fears: You may be afraid that your relationship is beyond your control. Your mind is heavily influenced by the control you have over your relationships and your ability to influence where they go. You are scared that your partner might end your relationship tomorrow and have a devastating impact on your life.
  • The Unexpected and Unknown: You may not be aware of many aspects of your relationship. You might be deceived by your partner in ways that you don't expect. You may be hiding something from your lover that you are not aware of. You will be taken by surprise at their secrets. Depending on how you read, the secrets they reveal may be significant or minor.

The Magician Tarot Card For Singles

The Magician represents the power of creating magic in your relationships, like a wizard's wand in a love reading. There can be a spark of something special, something you didn't think was possible in the past. Perhaps you have some special insight, or a unique approach for your love life that could work wonders.

Likewise, the Magician tarot card can also be interpreted as a warning - similar to a ghosting player who is only looking out for themselves. Take back your power and focus on yourself for a while if you feel this way. Putting aside the wand, reclaim your sparkle and remember you have magic within you. If you are looking for guidance in your “true love”  search for truth and healthy relationships where you can build mutual respect, faith, and love.

The Magician Reversed Love

A reversed magician represents transformation and the ability to choose between different paths. Let me expand by telling you a story. In a dark cave, a lady once found herself unable to find her way out. A strange figure was standing in the shadows at the back of the cave. The lady was offered help by a reversed magician.

The Magician gave the woman two options: continue down the path she had taken before, or take an alternate route. By choosing the second option, he would be able to see her life from a different perspective. Depending on what he saw and felt, she could go either way. When the lady accepted the reversed Magician's offer, she made changes in her life that she had never considered before. Finding solutions to issues that had previously seemed insurmountable, she could see the obstacles before they were clear. By choosing an alternate route, the lady was able to completely transform her life and achieve success she could not have imagined.

The reason I love this story is that the reversed Magicians stands for transformation and the ability to make choices in life. When we look at things from a fresh point of view, we can create meaningful changes in our life. The reversed Magician reminds us that there are always multiple ways to look at a situation, and we can choose our own path.  

With this newfound knowledge, we can create a better future for our love life.  That is the essence of transforming a relationship is the significance of the reversed Magician. There is also another important area here: it is not a good idea to take everything your partner tells you as gospel truth. Their little lies can grow into dangerous deceptions. I also want to say trust in your gut when this card "lands" in a love reading.

For the Magician's General Tarot Meaning of this card please click here

The future of LOVE in her hand
A tarot Magician, such a grand
Love and suffering she can see
Clothing worn so violently.
She wears her bracelets like stars that twinkle
The Six Sided Pentagram stardust sprinkle. 
Dancing in glitter, life she will lead
Building a life that has all she will need.
The Magician understands what lies ahead
There is love and sorrow, pleasure and death.
A life of dreams built with grace
Love's Number 1 -  like the Ace