Knight Of Swords Love

Knight Of Swords

What does the Knight Of Swords mean in Love?

A knight of swords in love is known for ghosting, hurried departures, and non-ringing or texting when he should. This behavior can be seen in relationships, friendships, or any other romantic connection. In love women can be attracted to emotionally distant, disrespectful, and player-type men, this is where the Knight of Swords really shines, of course, YOU did not wake up one day and decide to fall in love with the man that treats you badly, it is normally something that just happens over time. Why? I hear you ask. It is normally due to your own childhood relationships, the fact that you were not given the attention you needed: distance, lack of emotions, little attention or approval.

We both know that every child needs attachment, in fact, much has been written about how we attach. Instead of blaming yourself because you are in this situation, maybe you have just not clicked with anyone that makes you feel this way before. Many men just want to Have "Their Cake And Eat It" which I am sure you have heard many times over.

The problem is, this Knight of Swords is like a drug. That is why you feel like an idiot, that you know this is totally wrong but you are stuck in a pattern here. Imagine if you just had a boyfriend who did everything right, there were no lows on highs. Bottom line: this would not rock your world. Because every time he treats you badly, you want to go back to him like a drug. Clarifying the total relationship in one text and where you stand with Mr. Knight Of Swords is unlikely to take place. Maybe a high-caliber one-night stand or a regular "no strings attached" relationship hits the cards. There is a pattern here. When he pulls away you will try hard to win him back. We call this Knight the player maybe because in truth, you will be attracted to the less interested, cavalier, emotionally distant Knight Of Swords.

This card embodies the fear of vulnerability that many people experience when they are considering making a commitment, but are not able to due to fear or already being committed. Having too many responsibilities makes it impossible for him to focus on a committed relationship. Due to his tendency to be easily distracted, there is usually just ONE relationship that makes him settle down. As well as variety, he is up and down in love. I guess you are thinking: Is that me? Am I the one?
As a free-spirited individual, the Knight of Swords follows his own path, look at the picture of my card above, he rides a moving horse but he isn't moving very fast so he doesn't want to run away --  he is shielded in armor (his barriers in love). Does he want to commit? Not very likely. They are elementally air-moving and flowing but not getting anywhere. It is likely he is a young adult or teenager or a man who behaves like a teenager. As a result, his beliefs are purer than those of an adult, they are less cynical, and they are more intense. The fact is, he is just sitting there enjoying the moment. This Knight enjoys the fantasy of commitment but will not settle down easily. The thing is, if you push it then you could lose him. It is the sort of love where you don't know where you stand, future talk is normally avoided and the relationship feels unattainable.

A real commitment phobia normally covers this Knight, just like he is covered in metal in my tarot card. If you "put your foot down" you may feel that the ultimatum and may mean he will leave. Most people don't like the ultimatum. This is not the type of guy that runs off "buying that wedding ring" but knows this. Men who are avoidant with the "talk" of commitment is that they don't see this as a priority. Let me tell you, that sometimes it is good to just enjoy the relationship. If things are not working for you, then you could just break up or just put up with this due to the excitement that this relationship gives you.

I know you may love this person but not being on the same page with marriage, kids and the annual "family" holiday means that you need to figure out what is important to you -- right now. Deep down you know what it is you want, if they don't want that "talk" the whole relationship is shrouded in a blanket of mystery then this is what the card is saying. It could be that you face the pain or just put up with it and try to be happy.

Remember, it's not weird to talk about what you need or want from life, we are human beings after all. Decide what it is you want from this love is the answer to this love tarot card, and don't let anyone shame you of your hidden desires. After all, you own it, so make sure that you get this love interest sorted in your own mind.

Although he might not be a "charismatic speaker," he isn't going anywhere if not in motion. I always say, there is no such thing as perfection. No one, not even you is perfect. A man like this enjoys the chase and wants to be in a long-term relationship with someone he cares about. In order to love someone deeply, he must be able to see past the imperfections and the Knight of Swords finds this difficult. Wouldn't you like that in your life? Do you want someone to love you without judging you? 

Knight Of Swords In Love Outcome Position

I can sum this up in this paragraph, the Knight of Swords might sweep you off their feet one minute, and then dump you the next, it all depends on how he is feeling. This Love is about domination and control. He has to be in control. He isn't the "sit still or long-term commitment type. He is considered the “bad boy” of the spread, the ladies man, the cheater, and the one you always want to be with. Those who seek constant change and movement, those who enjoy variety, and those who do not tolerate inactivity will love him. The gist of this relationship is that love is unpredictable. Obviously, this Knight becomes bored if everything remains the same.

The life lesson of the Knight Of Swords is to take chances and be courageous enough to trust another. Making genuine connections with people sometimes requires taking a leap of faith, even if it is uncomfortable. The importance of building strong relationships can bring joy, meaning, and fulfillment to our lives, even if it may seem easier to stay single and not commit, but it is hard with this card to see anything more than a few hot steamy nights.
On a more positive note, you see someone who is willing to put themselves out there in order to reach their goals and take on challenges. He is brave after all but remembers --- you are braver than you think. Although all the tarot knights have different motivations, they don't always match up in a positive way. Some would even consider knights in shining armor 
The love question you ask may be interpreted in a way that the Knight of Swords could represent the situation you are in (love outcome), but not necessarily be either you or the other party. When the card is actually brought up in a relationship reading it can urge you to be more caring and display patience in some parts of the relationship and be less pushy and demanding, just lay it on the table and hope for the best.

Knight Of Swords as Love Action

If you are interested in making this Knight Of Swords your lover --- who is hesitant to commit to you, this can leave you feeling a bit crappy. You ponder for days on how you can make your relationship unique and special and make sure he feels valued and respected. It may even be that you spend quality time together, doing things you both enjoy, and allow your relationship to develop naturally over time.
If you want to risk losing him, communicate your feelings honestly and openly. Let him know you want him to commit. Make sure he understands why you want him to commit and how much you care for him by expressing your feelings constructively. If he does not reciprocate then you need to decide your next move. Remember it is always hard to get the Knight Of Swords to settle down but it is not impossible.

Let’s face it, the Knight Of Swords is charging ahead but not committing romantically. A card in love represents someone who is too scared to take the leap and let themselves open up and trust you. Knights and pages represent the spirit of teenagers. Their focus is on movement, change, and action. There is no such thing as a knight who remains still. He also loves to fight. They are more inclined to fight for their beliefs and argue with others, much like the sword which represents communication in tarot. 

Knight of Swords Reversed in Love

This is when the bold knight is starting to lose control, he does not want to lose what he has. A Short temper, and is defensive and of course rather stubborn when he comes along reversed it indicates that “moving on” is in the picture, for you or him. The Knight Of Swords loves the material side of life but he has some self-esteem issues that normally come to light when this card is delivered reversed. I normally pull the reversed Knight Of Swords in love when it is connected with an ex-partner. This is where the insecurity comes in, and questions on previous relationships. 
Let me explain further, the Knight of Swords reversed in love indicates indecisiveness or lack of commitment. Indecisive partners may leave you in a bind position when it comes to commitment. And, it is totally frustrating. It can also indicate that you lack understanding and communication in your relationships because you are too stubborn and inflexible. 
Perhaps you refuse to compromise or adjust your expectations and needs, refusing to make an effort to make the relationship work. Also, you may be too pushy in a relationship, trying to control the other person rather than allowing them to express themselves freely. You should take a step back in any case, and think about what you really want. Reversed in Love the lack of commitment intensifies, and the lack of self-esteem and control remember it is hard to control the knight -- simply because he has all the boundaries (metal) around him.

Knight of Swords Love Summary

Embracing uncertainty is what drives this Knight of Swords. This man changes like the wind when it comes to love. One minute he is truly the “knight in shining armor” and the next moment he changes like the wind. Never sits still in a relationship for long, but sometimes he settles down. Sometimes this Knight shows up when it represents a love situation. Normally, if you have been having some pretty intense emotions. Remember, love is not guaranteed.

Part of the problem with love is that you cannot foresee what will happen. We others know it is hard to get the right person, and in all things, in life, we try people, and sometimes it does not work out. If you are frustrated about the fact you don’t know where someone “stands” then this can be the card that appears. Similarly, the Knight of Swords is about focusing on figuring out romantic relationships.