Seneca snake root (milkwort, rattlesnake root)


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Seneca root is native to Canada.

The Seneca root grows abundantly in the open grasslands and extends to parts of the United States. The name came about from the Indians who used it in the treatment of snake bites and since then, various countries have adopted its use.

There are evidences that some of nations used the Seneca root to treat, bronchitis, respiratory problems, stomach ache and headache. These days, it has been used in the manufacture of drugs that reduce the quantity of phlegm in the respiratory system.

Seneca snakeroot will help to

  • Remedy bites from snakes.
  • Relief from coughs.
  • Remedy for asthma.
  • Protect from enemy-friends.
  • Protect against evil spells.

Medical uses

The part of Seneca tree that is used for herbal medicine is the root. The name was partially derived from the Seneca Indians, they are said to be among the earliest users of the herb bin which they employed it in the cure of snakebites. The root is a perfect stimulant which has a great impact on the respiratory membranes. However, it has been discovered that the influence of the Seneca root extends beyond the respiratory system into secretory organs, circulatory system, uterus and all the mucous membranes. It induces the salivary glands produce more saliva and induces expectoration.

Users of the drug will experience an itchy feel in the faeces and feel nauseated and can get into serious medical condition on taking large doses. However, the most significant use of the herbs in the cure of conditions that relate to the respiratory system such as asthma and coughs, in the recent years, it has been said to be too simulative to be used without getting combined with other herbs to control its effects. At times it makes one sweaty.

Magical uses

Seneca snake also be called rattlesnake root and milkwort. It is said to protect the user from getting bitten by snakes and being caught up in the nest of enemy-friends. The use is substitute for rattlesnake master and button snake root and related herbs. When the user wears it in the shoes, they will get protected from various types of tricks and evil messes. Seneca snake increases the production of milk by women and animals. Indeed its name has the meaning much milk in Greek. It will shield you fully if combined with other foot dusts and sprinkled in the shoes.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012