Allspice berries

Allspice berries

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Allspice berries are a common spice derived from the unripe fruit of the Pimenta dioica tree, which is cultivated in many tropical countries all over the world.

It is called allspice, because it allegedly has the combined flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

Allspice is and important part of Jamaican cuisine, and is also commonly used in some European and Mediterranean dishes. It is a common ingredient in commercial sausages and curry powders.

It is also a very indispensable spice in most Middle Eastern cuisines where it is often used as the sole spice ingredient. In Magick Allspice berries can be used to attract money.

Allspice berries will help to

  • Bring money.
  • Money drawing work
  • Secure promotion at work.
  • Gamblers lucky charm.

Magical uses

These small berries can bring luck and money.

They are used to attract to good fortune especially in matters involving loss of money and increase financial independence. It is said that the berries bring fortune to people who are engaged in both business and games of chance. They were used in ancient hoodoo to help in cards, dice, numbers, and racing games.

To take advantage of the ability to bring in the money, so to speak, place allspice in green flannel money drawing mojo hand along with other herbs and plants that bring luck. Before even handling your money, dress the bag with money drawing oil and recite Psalm 23, while focusing on your desires.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012