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This is among the many members of the mint family.

The color of hyssop shrub is green while the leaves are aromatic. Hyssop has been referenced in the Bible as a cleansing plant. In hoodoo after any adverse magical spell hyssop can be used as a herbal bath to purify the body.

Hyssop will help to...

  • Making liquors.
  • Enhancing taste if dishes.
  • Improves digestion of animal fats.
  • Spiritual bath.
  • Washing floors.

Medical uses

When making liquors, the Hyssop leaf is one of the many ingredients that are needed. It is also used to improve the taste of various dishes, especially those that are savoury and sweet. As it helps the digestive to digest fatty meats, it is an ingredient in foods and liquors.

The plant has been mentioned in the bible where it is said to be a spiritual purifying agent. This practice has been existent in many churches since immemorial.

At one time, it used to be a purifying agent for temples and lepers. The reason behind that is, it has antiviral and antiseptic effects, ground Hyssop leaves is ideal for the purpose.A dilute concoction of the herb is used for spiritual births among believers of various churches, by doing this; they believe it gets rid of misfortunes.

In the traditional Greek culture, Hyssop was seen as a holy herb and this made it an essential for cleansing rituals. It has been used to purify people who have been affected by magic spells. People use Hyssop in many ways, for instance as an incense, in form of decorations, by wearing it or including it as an addition to the chalice.The herb is used to purify the altar in preparation for sermon. When sprinkled on items, they become cleansed. There are various instances where people have hung it in their homes for protection against evil forces.

When people bathe with the Hyssop water, the used bathwater it thrown to the road and one goes home minus looking back. Some people make hyssop tea for use in cleaning floors so as eliminate any uncrossed conditions in the home.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012