Plantain leaf

Plantain leaf

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The plantains are contrasted to the bananas in that, they originated in India, and here they were being cultivated from as early as 500 BC.

Then their cultivation has spread to Africa via Madagascar during trade. By the 100BC, plantains were being cultivated by the Japanese and Samoans. The spread further continued to the Latin and Caribbean’s by the 1500AD. The plantains have continued spreading to various tropics since the time and these days they are present in all continents

Plantain will help to

  • Correct and clean blood
  • In first aid for blood poisoning
  • Stop minor bleeding
  • Treat snake bites
  • General protection
  • Remove fevers

Medical uses

Plantain is among the 100 plants that are used in the cleanup of blood, as well as those organs and tissues that are involved in elimination of body waste such as the kidney and liver. The plantain has always been used in first aid for blood poisoning. This is witnesses as soon as you use the plantain in that the swelling goes down very quickly. It is as well used in the treatment for limb poisoning. The major advantage of plantain is it can be used internally and externally without creating any side effects to the user. It can be chewed and applied on any bleeding wound to help in blood clothing and the stoppage of bleeding. While used to heal, it does not cause pain but rather soothes and cools. In snake bites, plantain can be applied to save the life of the victims, it can also save life of the victims of insect bites.

Magical uses

It offers magical protection against a wide range of scenarios that include being bitten by snakes, getting bitten by snakes as well as fever attacks. Snake bites can be cured by a special milk of plantain. It also increases the driver’s safety while driving if hanged in the vehicle.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012