Poppy seeds

poppy seeds

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A poppy seed is obtained from a poppy of opium plant.

They are kidney shaped and are obtained from dried pods of opium. The use of these seeds has a long history. There are two main ways that people can use the opium seeds, one of them is grinding and preparing food using it while the other one is pressing them so as to obtain oil.

The history of opium use is quite long, it has been discovered that in the past the Sumerians used it to extensively, this has is evident from their artifact that date back to more that 4000 BC. In Egypt, the use has been proved by the scrolls that date back to 1500 BC in which it has featured prominently, they used it to induce sleep .

In Crete island the use has been traced to as early as 1450 BC where the seed was a highly treasured item. The Greeks used its sap and that is where its name opium originated from.

Poppy seeds will help to...

  • Get rid of troublesome person
  • Treat asthma, bad eyesight and stomach complications
  • To induce sleep
  • Win court case

Medical uses

The Ancient Greeks used it to treat various diseases such as asthma, restoration of eyesight and stomach diseases. Perhaps, the most significant use of poppy seed is the induction of sleep.

Magical uses

There are various other uses that include promoting fertility and attracting wealth. In various cases, it has been used to increase the magical invisibility powers to people. In court cases, they are used to win cases by causing delays in the entire of the court process by things like paperwork delay band ruling in one's favour. When use alongside the mustard seeds, they assist in getting rid of people troubling your life. To experience its powers, always carry it when walking out of the house.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012