Squaw vine (Partridge Berry) Herb

Squaw vine (Partridge Berry) Herb

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This is an evergreen herb that grows to a maximum length of one foot and has white stem, the stem depends on other plants and structures form support as it is a trailer.

The stem will take up the shape of a mat as it grows sue to its ability to massively hug. Squaw vine’s flowers are white and commonly appear in doubles. The flowers then mature to form small scarlet colored berries.

The squaw vine is so attractive that it makes the dull floor very beautiful to look at inn all seasons. The herb spreads out on the bare ground giving the natural green look; many people have opted to keep it in their residences to give them a natural cool look all through the year.

Squaw vine will help to

  • Cure menstrual cramps.
  • Stimulate birth.
  • Reduce extra bleeding during periods.
  • Protect the unborn from harm.
  • Cure nipples.
  • Increase milk production.
  • Treat colitis.

Medical uses

The partridge berry has been used extensively by women in the Native American communities for therapeutic purposes. The American tribes are so many and quite a good number have been using it to recover from menstrual pains as well as cramps, to enhance the birth process, to regulate periods and to control excessive bleeding during menstrual periods.

The herb has also been used to ease labor pains and reduce effort applied when giving birth. Up to date, there are several herbalists who are using the herb for the above listed purposes. Nursing mother get their nipples healed on applying the ointment on the affected nipples. Partridge berry has various components that enable it carry out the healing; the components include tannins, glycoside and saponins. The herb has been proven in having a tonic action on ovaries and uterine walls. In can be used to induce an abortion.

Partridgeberry is used to stimulate milk production in women. However, there are close substitutes that are considered much safer. It is also recommended for colitis and diarrhea.

Magical uses

Squaw vine has magical uses as well, for instance, it is believed that pregnant women who take weekly baths using a special tea made from the herb offer protection for the unborn from people with a bad eye.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012