Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To observe an elephant in your teacup indicates strength, honor, stability and patience.

This is also a good omen. Many Asian cultures believe that elephant is a cosmic creature, and carries the world upon it’s back. In Indian Hindu the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the God of luck.

This god indicates that fortune and protection will be yours. For this to appear in your cup is a blessing on new projects. There is no doubt that these project's will be successful. Ganesha is suppose to remove obstacles on your behalf.

Light a white tea light candle to Ganesha in honor of this god, if you can see this omen in your tea leafs.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen an elephant.
  • More than elephant was in your teacup.
  • Someone riding an elephant.

Detailed meaning of seeing an elephant in your teacup

Top of teacup: In many cultures Elephant’s tarot reading interpretation is as per their cultural beliefs. In Hindus , Elephant is worshiped like Ganesha a Godly creature which they feel when before doing anything new, its like a good luck charm for them.

The elephant is on the side of the teacup: symbolizes reliability, dignity, royalty and power in character and society.

Elephant with a rider: It is also known as a good luck sign.

Elephant near the handle: is considered as a symbol of patience, Happiness in your life. It is also a sign of responsibility.

This is a symbol of sagacity and strength and indicates considerable access to fortune. Either you are personally endowed with great powers or you will be aided by a friend whose faculties are above the normal. It is a sign of success, although with some delay.

In Chinese cultures an elephant is a sign for happiness and long life. If you see an elephant in your teacup it is considered that you are getting a message that you will be able to deal with any problem which currently you are facing.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012