Animals tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The shapes of animals are sometimes very distinctly formed by the tea-leaves, so here we have matter for consideration.

It has been observed that the brute creation has been endowed with the gift of foresight.

The doublings of the hare, the tricks of the fox to escape the hounds, both indicate sagacity and fore­sight. A book could be written concerning what it animals mean.

A few dots may take the form of a dog's head. This will be sufficient to foretell a true friend. Should a letter of the alphabet be near, there will be news from a friend whose name the letter indicates.

The symbolism of the different animals will be found of interest, and accurate.

  • The particular indication can only be known from the nature of the animal portrayed (which see under its own name). Animals usually indicate power of action and ability to achieve in some direc­tion or another. But each has its own meaning, as a dog for fidelity and friendship, a cat for deception and caution, a lion for courage and mastery, a wolf for rapacity and greed, and so of the rest.
  • To see the actual animal in the teacup denotes what the future holds. There are many different types of shapes and it is important to look at the individual meaning of the particular symbol that you see.
  • Generally, animals symbolise that one will have foresight by connecting to this particular animal. It maybe their own animal totem. We have a huge overview of different animal totems within the website. It is important to look at this section in order to understand the animal actually means within your teacup.

We can briefly list the meaning of each animal below.

  • Afghan Hound - People will be Looking to you for advice. It is important to connect to other people.  The hound in this context can also mean a new beginning.
  • Airedale Terrier -  to see a terrier within the teacup suggest other people are going to cause conflict between family members.
  • Alligator -  the alligator within the teacup is a symbol of worry and fear. It is important to overcome any anxieties going forward.
  • Ant -  to see this is a good luck symbol.  It also indicates that work is going to increase if you see the ant.
  • Antelope -  of the antelope suggests friendship between two women.
  • Arabian Horse -  this denotes new beginnings a new start in life.
  • Badger -  Good luck symbol and new beginnings.  The badger can also represent commentary gain.
  • Bat -  this denotes a secret society.  You maybe looking to join a group going forward.
  • Bear -  represents a lover.  This indicates very close relationship.
  • Beagle - conflicts and  difficulties may come in next few months.
  • Beaver -  change of residence.  If you are thinking of moving now might be a good time.
  • Bee -  watch out for friends that will create conflict in the group. There may be a group of friends the fallout.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog -  this dog signifies a strong personality.  You will encounter somebody with a rather strong personality that might take over your life.
  • Blackbird -  new start and a new beginning.
  • Black Panther -  things may be difficult sometimes.
  • Bloodhound -  great luck will be yours.  Can also symbolise difficulties but on the whole is a good look symbol.
  • Blue Heron -  a new lover and relationship.  Perhaps you are looking for a new lover?
  • Blue Jay -  others will cost you money.  Be careful with who you mix with.
  • Boston Terrier - two friends will be close to you.
  • Boxer - great times ahead.
  • Buffalo - good luck will be yours.
  • Bulldog - changes at work.
  • Butterfly - new start in a career aspect.
  • Camel - with one hump - things will be good.  Two humps - people will support you. Three humps - conflict. More than one three humps great luck will be yours.
  • Goose - Move house soon.
  • Cat -  you cannot trust somebody in your current life.
  • Catfish -  emotionally there will be problems going forward.
  • Chameleon - something is going to change.
  • Cheetah - situations will be swiftly resolved.
  • Chicken - new beginnings and fresh outlook on life.
  • Chihuahua - great luck will be yours.
  • Chimpanzee - you will have a friend visit you soon.
  • Cocker Spaniel - tell people about your great skills. Never know when they will need them.
  • Collie - good luck.
  • Coral - emotional times are coming.
  • Coyote - do not fear others.
  • Cougar - readings of tarot cards should be undertaken.
  • Crab - four people will be close to you.
  • Cricket - don’t rely on others.
  • Crocodile - someone will attack you.
  • Crow - do not listen to gossip.
  • Deer - spend time in a wood and being at one with nature.
  • Dog - you have many friends.
  • Dolphin - others value you.
  • Dove - a wedding is predicted.
  • Dragonfly - two people will come to you for advice.
  • Duck - celebrations will be in your life soon.
  • Eagle - someone is talking about you.
  • Elephant - great luck.
  • Flamingo - good times will be yours.
  • Fly - don’t listen to others.
  • Fox - someone will outsmart you.
  • Frog - move away - try to find a new home.
  • Gorilla - new starts.
  • Giraffe - problem communicating with others.
  • Hedgehog - don’t get too close to people.
  • Heron - a new start is predicted.
  • Hippopotamus -  this denotes that others are likely to be jealous.
  • Horse -  money and wealth will be yours.
  • Jaguar - it’s not too late for a lover.
  • Jellyfish - a new friend.
  • Kangaroo - difficulties will surround you.
  • Lion - someone will cause conflict. top
  • Owl - you need to listen to others advice.
  • Panda - travelling abroad.
  • Panther -  difficulties with others.
  • Parrot - problems in life.
  • Peacock -  beautiful things will happen.
  • Penguin -  is a problem with a friend.
  • Polar Bear -  your diet is important.
  • Rabbit - other people  will connect you go forward.
  • Rat -  someone will be acting in a sly manner.
  • Seahorse -  great times ahead.
  • Shark - new job or career.
  • Snail -  things in life are generally going to be delayed.
  • Snake - don’t trust others.
  • Spider -  there will be worrying times.
  • Starfish -  this could be mistaken as a star.  There is little difference between the starfish and the star. Either way this denotes good luck and fortune.
  • Stingray -  will be happy and contented.
  • Woodpecker -  to see a woodpecker suggests great news.
  • Zebra -  an indication of new beginnings.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013