Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This symbol is always an indicator of friendship and fidelity.

It indicates that in circumstances and upon all occasions you can upon the advice and assistance of your friends, recumbent or lying down, the dog shows safety peace around you but if barking (image in teacup) or active, there be occasion for the activity of your friends.

The dog is always an emblem of fidelity and true friends. However, the position even of faithful creature has a twofold meaning.

If his image is surrounded with dashes and clots it shows that your friends are estranged from through the envy of someone unworthy of your confidence.

If at the bottom of the cup, a friend is in trouble. To see a dog in your teacup is connected to relationships around you.

A dog signifies that you have a negative person that is sucking your energies. The only way to escape this person is to try to show strength in positive thinking. This person has been a slave of their own desires. Rather than acting the way they think best, they act by controlling other people.

The dog appearing at the top of the cup: you will be able to cooperate on individual product projects but you will still need to have some type of independence. Within the top position the bond symbolizes a domineering life lacking independence.

Detailed meaning of the dog tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: have you heard the saying top dog. That is you!

The dog appearing in the middle position: this is associated with possibilities in life. The only way to succeed is to rely on others rather than have the independence that you so definitely year.

Bottom of teacup: at the bottom of the teacup position - the dog is typically associated with social power. This distinguishes you from other people. You are nearly always worried about something in life. Always want to hear what other people's opinions are. This is sometimes very positive but other times can be negative. It is time to move on your own and find your own way in life. Life is too short and it is time to take on life to be a bit more independent and secure.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013