Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A fox, as the name suggests, depicts the presence or entry of a shrewd person around you who is scheming to harm you.

A fox indicates success in business. It also symbolizes the need to be cunning and maybe a bit elusive. If in the thick or adjacent to ill signs, the fox bids you to be wary of a devious person. It also warns you of the tricky and doubtful situations surrounding your affairs. This symbol directs you to watch for the presence of a devious person at work. Take steps to protect yourself! You may want to stop someone from harming your interests. This symbol tells you to be beware of the envious relationships and possible harm to your reputation!

A fox is an animal with a highly focused mindset. This animal aims to achieve a hunt with no error. The fox symbol encourages us to think beyond our boundaries and use our creative nature in intelligent ways. A fox tells us to approach problems in different ways. It tells us to The fox is a reminder to utilize our potential to the fullest. This will help achieve your purpose in life. Furthermore, the fox directs us to be aware of hidden things.

Detailed meaning of seeing a fox in your teacup

  • Seen a fox.
  • Seen a pair of foxes.
  • More than one fox.

Fox represents both a noble messenger as well as trickster.

A fox is symbolizes

  • cunningness
  • strategy
  • quick-thinking
  • adaptability
  • wisdom

Detailed meaning of the fox tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: the fox symbol on top of the cup beckons us to be subtle and adapt to surroundings by blending into the crowd. Make sure you use a situation to your advantage.

Fox symbol - lines are broken: If you see broken lines this means you will meet someone that can't be trusted.

Bottom of teacup: A fox symbol in bottom of the pack represents that someone cunning is scheming around you, and you will have to be cautious of your activities.

Middle of teacup: to see the fox symbol in the middle of the cup denotes focus, determination and correct action along-with some luck that will come along to help achieve your goals.

This symbol shows treachery and suspicious action on the part of those whom you account friends. Be on your guard against malicious talk.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012