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The Celtic Cross

The most popular and well-known of all of the tarot spreads is the Celtic Cross
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The star tarot card
king of wands tarot card
The seven of swords tarot card
The Lovers tarot card
The Four of Pentacles tarot card
The world tarot card
The two of wands tarot card
The Ten of Swords tarot card
The ace of wands tarot card
The King of Swords tarot card

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The star tarot card

The Star

Lucky you! If the Star card is coming up in your reading then you should feel just a little bit special.

The universe shines it light on you through the Star card bringing forth peace, tranquility, and most of all hope. The Star card represents a true connection with the divine and that

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king of wands tarot card

The King of Wands

When the King of Wands has visited your reading, you are being reminded to not limit yourself.

It is important to be adaptable and versatile. Now is the time to act spontaneously, give yourself time to be like the Chameleon and change your colors to match your environment. Do not change

The seven of swords tarot card

The Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a card known to many for its different challenges.

When you have received this card in your reading, there is an emphasis in your life on education, particularly advanced education, or some kind of trade that you are beginning. You are a calculating individual and

The Lovers tarot card

The Lovers

Seeing the Lovers in your reading is a favorable sign.

Often interpreted as romantic love referring to marriage or sexuality, it is also much more than this. The card being present represents the hand of the divine reaching down and blessing you in your life at this time. Now is a time

The Four of Pentacles tarot card

The Four of Pentacles

When faced with the Four of Pentacles in a reading it can indicate a great success in your life but also calls for balance.

Like the man on the card, there is wealth around you and it can be a time to protect your ideas, money, or other material aspects. It is a positive card though as

The world tarot card

The World

The World is your oyster when you see this card in your reading.

Like with the Wheel of Fortune card, it is indicative that there is luck on your side and that the universe is looking at you favorably. However, when the World is present it says that things are definitely looking up and

The two of wands tarot card

The Two of Wands

There is a duality in the Two of Wands that refers to doing a job well and then seeing the benefits.

It is a card of duty and hard work, indicating that you are working through physical issues in your life (such as monetary or work issues) or can also be internal (such as emotional chal

The Ten of Swords tarot card

The Ten of Swords

The Suit of Swords, as in all suits, is a story of progression.

There are different levels of growth, opportunities for change that are presented to get you through the story from the beginning, middle and then to the end. The Ten of Swords is a culmination of all of the negative aspect

The ace of wands tarot card

The Ace of Wands

Wands are the representation of fire energy in the Rider Waite tarot deck.

The Ace is the core or primal representation of that energy. If you are seeing the Ace of Wands in your reading then there is a good chance that you are experiencing a lot of momentum, passion, and power around o

The King of Swords tarot card

The King of Swords

The King of Swords is not one to be trifled with as he shows a great energy around you at this time.

When this card comes up you are on the top of your game mentally speaking and it’s a great card revealing high intellect, focus, and determination on one or more aspects of your life.

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