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The Celtic Cross

The most popular and well-known of all of the tarot spreads is the Celtic Cross
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The Queen of Cups tarot card
Five of wands tarot card
The Eight of Cups tarot card
The Eight of Wands tarot
The Lovers tarot card
The Moon tarot card
The world tarot card
The Seven of Cups tarot card
The Devil tarot card
The Nine of Pentacles tarot card

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The Queen of Cups tarot card

The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is an excellent card representing one being in control of her emotions and is a great card regarding emotions and love.

More than that she is a wise queen that understands that there is a balance between emotion and intuition and seeking out a common ground for your ow

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Five of wands tarot card

The Five of Wands

When you see the Five of Wands in a reading, be ready for some friction or competition in your life.

It can represent friendly rivalry or it can be a deeper conflict that is arising around you right now. The good news is that this is not a dire situation in your life, but it does indica

The Eight of Cups tarot card

The Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups can be a very hard card to have in a reading.

From the looks of the card itself, you can get the feeling of loss. A man walks through stagnated water and is leaving the cups behind him. The card is dark and the symbolism represents that he is moving on by his own accor

The Eight of Wands tarot

The Eight of Wands

If you have received the Eight of Wands in your reading, you will find that your affairs will be speeding up now.

You have important news on the way and there will be a slow but progressive and positive growth in your affairs due to a heightening of your senses connecting both earthly e

The Lovers tarot card

The Lovers

Seeing the Lovers in your reading is a favorable sign.

Often interpreted as romantic love referring to marriage or sexuality, it is also much more than this. The card being present represents the hand of the divine reaching down and blessing you in your life at this time. Now is a time

The Moon tarot card

The Moon

The Moon is a very emotional and intuitive card.

Often it has to do with one’s mental state indicating sleep disturbances due to nightmares, waking terrors, or emotional negativity. It calls to light your deepest and darkest desires. When the Moon is present it is a time to be aware o

The world tarot card

The World

The World is your oyster when you see this card in your reading.

Like with the Wheel of Fortune card, it is indicative that there is luck on your side and that the universe is looking at you favorably. However, when the World is present it says that things are definitely looking up and

The Seven of Cups tarot card

The Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups shows up when you least expect it.

Things are going fine in your life, you seem to be on the right path and then… BAM! Suddenly you are faced with a choice and that choice really does come out of the blue. The choice that you are faced with or will be soon is one tha

The Devil tarot card

The Devil

Oh no, it’s the Devil card! Don’t worry, it’s not all brimstone and evil… generally, the Devil represents very human aspects, rather than supernatural ones.

The Devil card is the perversion of everything good, spiritual, and whole. It shows that there are unhealthy aspects of yo

The Nine of Pentacles tarot card

The Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is a card of sacrifice and discipline as a means to getting what you want.

When this card is revealing in your reading you are in good hands. The Nine of Pentacles shows that unlike others, you have learned from your own mistakes and you are working on moving forwa

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