A woman in a long dress stood up facing away with, stars clouds and the expanse of space in the background
Aug 23 – Sep 22

Your nature allows you to show compassion even towards people whom you do not share a kinship with. This makes you so approachable and there is nothing and no one you will not lend an ear to. But you do not show that same kind of attention towards yourself and you find it difficult to reach out when you are in need. Allow others to give back to you. Otherwise you unknowing tell them that you underestimate their capacity to give as you do. Good colors are brown and red. Good numbers are 8, 30, 2 and 23.

A chance encounter with a friend or former classmate may lead you towards taking a well earned vacation. Conversations that you hold online may further strengthen the plans that you have already made. You may see an advancement in your current schooling since your intelligence level is at its peak at the moment. Sudden and new encounters that come your way may lead to new routes, hobbies, and new possibilities. Do not allow small concerns to limit you in your journey towards something new.

(August 23rd – September 22nd) Beautiful Virgo, Mother and Nurturer to us all;

The Sign of the Virgo is the sign of the ultimate mother, the kind, grounded, analytical compassionate and understanding soul. Virgo is the other sign which is represented by a human form, a virgin, whose innocence expands the world around us with their new perspective. In essence, the Virgo represents the Triple Goddess energies of the Maiden (Virgin) the Mother, nurturing and understanding and the Crone, all knowing and wise. If you were born under the sign of Virgo then you are the type of person who has an energy which is super focused as well as ordered. You are the mathematicians, the counsellors, the computer geniuses. You have a way about you which is bordering on obsessive about certain elements in your life which are important to you. You have a somewhat restless and nervous way of being so you spend a lot of your time trying to settle that energy down and organising it into something productive. With the sign of Virgo there is a consistent drive to perfect and to accomplish more and more. You are an organised person and you spend your emotional life attempting to bring order to what you see as chaos all around you. This is the sign of the hyper intelligent always aware of who is giving and who isn’t and you know how to help. Others love to come to you for advice because you are able to see through emotional turmoil and focus on the heart of a problem thus making it possible to make productive changes. You are not judgemental person, primarily because you understand the need to solve the problems of life like a puzzle and that is more like a game to you. However you can be analytical of others when you find that their behaviour has no real rhyme or reason. This bothers you significantly and you often feel as though others operate from an entirely different planet then you do which is sometimes bothersome to you. You believe that life is a rational place and that everyone should be approaching it in the same way as you and when they don’t you can get pretty confused. Without facts, you don’t like to make decisions which sometimes helps you and sometimes hinders you if you are becoming too dependent on facts. There is a benefit in life to being able to make quick decisions sometimes so try not to let your need for facts delay the big moments in your life. On the opposite end of the spectrum, make sure that you have lots of information when you make BIG decisions.

The qualities of a Virgo are feminine and mutable, run by the Earth with the ruling planet of Mercury which is why communication can be sometimes challenging for Virgos because they communicate in a different way than others, yet they are the ones who can help others the most when they are feeling stuck. The keyword for the Virgo is 'I Analyse,' because it is their lesson in life to determine what life is about. The part of the body which is ruled by Virgo is the Nervous System as well as the intestines. They tend to be prone to sickness which is caused by nerves and stress as well as ulcers because they spend a lot of time weighing out the pros and cons of situations and worrying about what step to take next.