A woman in a long dress sitting in the foreground and crabs, stars clouds and the expanse of space in the background
Jun 21 – Jul 22

Your money situation will improve in the next few weeks. You just need to get control over your credit card. It is not advisable that you carry it with you every day. Your tendency to regard it as instant solution, has lead to your current situation. Carry a small amount of cash as you go about your day. Do not make it too convenient for you to buy another extravagant item that you do not really need. Great colors are blue and orange. Lucky numbers tend to be 42 and 48 and 17.

A noisy day at home can start your week with distractions that can make you rebel at doing your job, while the needs and requests of co-workers and family members can conflict with your promotional efforts, social plans, or anything you do that shows independent tendencies or radical thinking. And although disciplined thought and self-mastery may be strong points for you, having the people around you insist on you doing things their way will only make it less likely that you will tolerate any attempts to control your movements or ideas and more likely that you will rebel, freak, spasm, or otherwise strongly disagree. But telling someone close exactly what you think can lead to a breakthrough, unless you veer into competition, outburst, or negativity, in which case working it out on your own first can save explosive hostilities from developing on the homefront.

(June 21st – July 22nd) The Cancerian person is ruled by their emotions and is highly intuitive people.

Represented by the crab they have hard outer shells to protect their soft and extremely vulnerable insides. This is a very common way to represent the Cancer human. They work very hard to communicate their feelings with others but often find the world to be a hard place to live. Their heart is on their sleeve, constantly, waiting for others to come and help them and to join in their watery, gorgeous world where everyone loves them. Cancers are a cardinal sign which is evident in their desire to not only swim in a sea of emotions, but to also feel that they have a say in how others should or should not experience their own emotions or act in a particular way. These are usually the individuals who want a lot but who have a genuinely hard time vocalizing their wants and needs because of a fear of being too vulnerable and they are the ones who will still somewhat expect for you to treat them in a way that they haven’t fully vocalized. However, when given the chance, the Cancerian has a very loyal personality which will make them want to help you get through anything that you need. They are passionate listeners as well as sympathetic.

At one moment they may be stuck in a pit of self-loathing and then the next day be back to their normal, helpful self. Cancer is ruled by the moon and water is the element which rules this sign on so their emotions are sometimes compared to that of the flowing tides of the ocean. There are powerful forces behind the tides of the Cancer, they tend to have the right information to give to others but have a difficult time trusting others. They tend to be the sign which is ultra-complex as well as unpredictable but probably the most kind and sweet person you will ever meet. Those born under the sign of Cancer protect their secrets well, and you have to work really hard to get through their hard shell. Your ability to relate to others as well as your compassionate nature is one of your main strengths in life which will bring you many of your life’s successes. You are also able to hold onto money fiercely because sometimes money can represent security to you and that makes your life easier when you know you have a safe haven and a nest egg.

The key word of the Cancer is ‘I Feel,’ expressing their journey in this life which is to become one with their emotions and to allow those emotions to be free flowing and happy ones which will bring their lives much success. Feeling is how the Cancer understands the world, and this gift is a strengthening tool that can be applied to many different aspects of life.

The part of the body which is ruled by Cancer are the breasts as well as the stomach. Cancers love to enjoy a good meal and sometimes have to fight with gaining weight because of their desire to indulge and enjoy the good things in life. They are also the sign which suffers the most from digestive issues caused by stress.

By Flo Saul
Mar 23, 2012