A woman in a long dress sitting with rams in the foreground, stars, clouds, the moon and the expanse of space in the background
Mar 21- Apr 19

You need total focus on dedication in connection to your effort in solving a problem. You will be surprised at the sense of satisfaction that you will achieve in your personal goals as you pursue your plans for a new business venutre. Congratulations, things are going to be good in the future. Blessed numbers are bass and maroon. Great numbers today are 40 and 23.

You relish a loving relationship together with a secure bank account. You will be harboring thought on entering into a relationship with a moneyed person. Put aside any plans for marriage because this is counterproductive to the presence of the sun in your elements. You do not have strong control over your emotions and suffer from constant confusion. You are at risk for high blood pressure during this time.

(March 21st- April 19) Fiery, confident, goat-like Arian, full of impulsiveness and combustive energy.

This sign is the first in the tale of the Zodiac. Those born under the sign of Aries are likely to be active, energetic spirits with a tendency toward the extreme and the most exciting. The Aries is all about owning who they are in this life time. They may be loud or boisterous or sometimes even intimidating, but it is important that they be who they are and do not cater to others because it is in this individuality that they find their strength as well as their wisdom.

This cardinal sign is one who feels strongly that they know what is right in any given situation and may or may not be patient about getting their point across. They want you to understand right in the moment what they are trying to say and then take immediate action because they are eager to move onto the next stage. Arian people tend to sometimes push their beliefs or personality, wants or needs onto others. This is because inherently this sign is somewhat selfish.

But this selfishness must not be misinterpreted as a bad thing. We could all learn a thing or two from being good to ourselves, from keeping our needs and boundaries sacred and letting others know that what we need or want is of primary importance. Aries teaches us to be ourselves, and to fiercely protect our individuality and sense of self no matter what.

Those born under the sign of Aries are prone to take action, or to throw themselves in the middle of an active situation in order to put their two cents in. As a cardinal sign they tend to have knowledgeable information as well as advice on how to fine tune or make things work better, but sometimes their ‘rough’ mannerisms cause others to be on the defense. However this sign is fiercely protective and loving to those who have earned their trust and so one mustn’t be distracted by this somewhat gruff demeanor.

Because Arian people tend to be so full of drive and will, they often exhaust early without finishing the projects they have begun. This doesn’t bother them for long however because they will inevitably find something to expend their energy on just as fast as they ran out of speed on the prior topic.

When angered, the Aries personality can be explosive but will calm just as quickly if you allow them the time they need to express themselves. Usually reason is lost on them in during the moment of an emotional outburst, but highly evolved Arians WILL in fact sees the reason after they have calmed down. They then become willing to understand different perspectives when they have finally sorted out what exactly was causing them to explode.

The sign of Aries is represented by the element of fire and their ruling planet is Mars. Mars, being the god of war, aggression and conflict makes for a perfect representative of Aries for their war-like and competitive nature. The part of the body which is ruled by Aries is the head primarily because all of their energy revolves around their own intellectual will and drive, as well as their occasional stubbornness. Therefore sometimes Arians may have to work through headaches or other injuries to the head and face area.

Those born in the sign of Aries may find the diamond is the stone of their birth, which represents love as well as financial abundance. One of the most common personality traits associated with the Aries which is well loved is their ability to be courageous. When you have a friend in Aries, you can feel safe and protected because they will always come to your aid if you have been wronged.

By Flo Saul
Mar 23, 2012