A woman in a long dress standing in the foreground with scorpions, stars, moons and the expanse of space in the background
Oct 23 – Nov 21

Relish the affection that is being bestowed upon your feet. It is seldom that kind of affection is given so openly. You do not have to make an immediate decision. Just show your appreciation for being thought of in a special way. Good colors are green and orange. Great numbers today are 5 and 32.

Things are working beautifully for you right now. If you are a married, you find happiness being close to your spouse and you will forget any misgivings that you use to have. You enjoy whatever life has to offer you right now. If you are not married, this is probably a goodtime to start thinking of settling down with the right person for you.

(October 23rd – November 21st) Sharp, pointy Scorpio is a sign of great extremes.

The Scorpio is a sign of secrecy, idealism and fantasy and all of the darker or more intense magic in life. They can both be seen as sexy, deeply intelligent and interesting as well as clingy or cold. In essence, the Scorpio is a ball of contradictions all wrapped up in a sinfully sweet illusion. The main personality trait of the Scorpio is their intensity. They are magnetic and are capable of large amounts of emotional inversion, yet as a water sign, feel everything deeply and what they feel they take within themselves on a deep, intrinsic level.

Sometimes Scorpios are so caught up in their emotions that they do not appear to be approachable but this is because they do not know how to express themselves. Their emotions are twisted up in this ball of contradictions and its hard to get anything out. When a Scorpio approaches a higher level of advancement, evolutionarily, they are able to use their deep connection to their intuition to move them forward in a great and positive fashion in life. This positive energy is their ability to be dedicated 100% to what has gotten your attention. If you were born under the sign of the Scorpio you are the type of person who never forgets when someone is nice to you and also never ever forgets when someone is mean to you. The Scorpio is known for holding their grudges, and striking back with their poisonous tails as a result of being hurt in order to not get hurt again. Sometimes this can make them a dangerous enemy, because they are so quiet about their anger, but if you are on their good side you will have a fierce friend and protector on your side.

Scorpios are known for their competitive nature, even though it can be somewhat concealed. They tend to be a filing cabinet for information and will use this information whenever they are trying to defend themselves. Scorpions themselves are known for adapting to their surroundings in order to surround. You could throw one into a can of paint thinner and watch it swim around for days before it finally perished. This is the way of the Scorpio. They resilient and capable of thriving even in the most treacherous of surroundings. In this they tend to try to turn disasters into successes and find ways to use the bad experiences to better their circumstances.

Because of their fixed nature, sometimes Scorpios become possessive or domineering when they feel they are losing something they still want to pursue in. It takes them a long time to let go of grudges and their memory can become fiercely adept at remembering who was at fault in any given situation.

The ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto, which is a planet known for the God of the underworld. Pluto rules over regeneration as well as the beginning and end of all things. The primary key word and life lesson of the Scorpio is, ‘I desire,’ which illuminates the struggle they share in life on attempting to gain mastery of achieving what they desire. All they need to acquire what they desire is to turn their sharp focus on it and use their will to get it.  The part of the body which is ruled by Scorpio is the genitals. They are susceptible to UTIs as well as venereal diseases. Their emotions can also cause them to get sick because of how deeply they feel things.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2012