A woman in a long dress sitting in the foreground and bulls, stars clouds and the expanse of space in the background
APR 20 - May 20

If you are feeling frustrated over a defeat, get over it. There is no sense in dwelling over it. It is a thing of the past. Adopt an attitude of optimism. The next battle will be yours to win. Practice the attitude now so that you can enter the arena already feeling like a winner. Lucky numbers today are 18 and 34. Good colors blue and peach.

re you currently ready for a new lover to sweep you off your feet. It's not far off. A brand new romance or friendship is coming. You'll also have a new job soon. Lucky you! At work interaction with an important person could give you an idea, and from this you can make positive changes. An optimistic attitude will give you even more ideas. Good news will come, in connection with your job, over the next few days. A healthy body can also help you get lot's more energy. Realize this week that sometimes you have to rely upon others.

(April 20th – May 20) Reliable, predictable and strong those born under the sign of Taurus are people you can depend on.

They are earth bound spirits represented by the Bull. When you are born under this sign you have a tendency to grab a hold of something which works for you and you do not let go. This is why you are such a stable sign. There isn’t a lot of flying around randomly. You are the one others go to for support, when they need help and when they need someone who is going to honestly tell them the way things are. It is somewhat difficult at times for the Taurus primarily because they do hold on so tightly to what they have, including people in relationships. When friendships develop, they have an expectation on how they should be and if circumstances change which affects the friendship, the Taurean will have a particularly difficult time.

Sometimes it is difficult to get a Taurus to really make any changes at all, because they tend to know what is right for them and have no interest in moving anything around. They can sometimes as a result of this personality trait be considered stubborn because they can be strictly immovable. Stubborn as a Bull is a common description of most Taureans. But there isn’t anything wrong with that aspect of who they are, it just shows their struggle in life.

To become comfortable and to hold onto that level of comfort. And though they have a temper, they really don’t show it unless someone really tries to force them out of their comfort zone against their will. If you are a Taurean you tend to be really pleasant when you run into new people, but you don’t invest time and effort in them for quite some time, until you have been able to determine whether or not they are worthwhile people to bring into your life. Taurus is ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus and is has a more feminine energy. This does not mean that the men who are Taureans aren’t masculine, but they tend to have more feminine traits such as the ability to find compatibility, compassion as well as patience. You are creative by nature with a deep appreciation for all of the fine things in life.

Throughout your life, what you are seeking the most is a general sense of security. Security in your home life, in your relationships and in your work life. You will find a job that is stable, a relationship that is stable and if you have a stable home life then you are going to be happy to just live in this way for your whole life. Often times those born under the sign of Taurus can be known by their almost pack-rat qualities. They keep much of what they have found in their life because it gives them a level of security just by having and holding onto it. Other kinds of Taureans may not own much, but what they do own can sometimes border on extravagant and they will never sell the items which they love.

The Taureans lesson in life is to learn to acquire stability in all aspects of their lives, to identify what is theirs and to hold onto it. Therefore their dominant key word is “I have.” Representing the journey they walk in order to accomplish this important life lesson. The part of the body represented by Taurus is the Neck and Throat and they tend to be susceptible to getting colds and to have thyroid problems and to be singers or musicians involving using the vocal arts.

By Flo Saul
Sep 26, 2019