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How to Get Help from the Saints with Magick

The early years of Christianity does not represent the same religion that you see today. In the time of Moses and Jesus, the Jewish population that would eventually give birth to modern Christianity, was riddled with mystical beliefs. Much like how Jewish mysticism has largely in part given us Ceremonial or High Magick practices, there are many Christian inspired mystic practices as well. Calling on the saints or working with them is one of the oldest traditions in the religion. Combining an ample knowledge of the saints and understanding how to talk to them, is the first way that you can use their powers to gain what you want or need.

Understanding the Vibrations of Saintly Spellcraft

The saints have gained a higher elevation of spirit because of the life that they lived. These people were servants of God or did his will in some way. The Vatican decides sainthood, encouraging their patron Catholics to give energy to these individuals. The process is strict and it’s not often that a new saint is named. However, when one is, they can be used for spells or magick by incorporating practices of the occult and Catholicism.

Of course, the Catholics may name the saints, they are not the ones that prescribe practicing magick. This practice is generally a melding of other traditions such as Voodoo or Hoodoo. In Voodoo, Loas are associated with specific saints and purposes, often working together. Hoodoo has similar practices but also incorporates saint magic into spells that represent ancestral prayers. Neo-pagan practices also work with spells because some of the ancient Gods have been given exalted sainthood status. For example, Brigid, a Celtic goddess was sainted and then had it removed. Some Irish or Green witches still work with candles and this saint because tradition has shown the method of magick to work.

Here is a list of commonly recognized Saints that are used for modern occult and mystical practices:

  • Ann: Maternal and women issues, mothers, children, grandmothers.
  • Anthony: Things that are lost (things, people, ideas).
  • Barbara: Protector from death and fighting.
  • Benedict: Protects against witchcraft and illness or disease.
  • Cajetan: Luck and good fortune. Protects job seekers and gamblers.
  • Christopher: Protector of travelers.
  • Claire: Guidance towards wisdom.
  • Expedite: Speeds up your wishes, making them happen more quickly.
  • Francis: (AKA Francis of Assisi) Defender of animals.
  • George: Protector of soldiers, butchers, and field workers.
  • Helena: Guide for widows and wives. Gives strength to those in difficult marriages.
  • Joseph: Brings help for jobs and money, protector of the home and topics related to houses.
  • Jude: Favors those with hopeless cases or impossible works.
  • Lucy: Favors writers and poets.
  • Martha: Protector of women and gives men strength the be faithful providers.
  • Michael: Removes blockages of both a physical and spiritual nature.
  • Peter: Unhinges blocked paths and favors keys, business and sometimes finance.
  • Rita: Breaks up unhealthy relationships and protects those undergoing impossible causes.
  • Santa Muerte: Protects those in dangerous business practices and removes challenges.
  • Simon: Protects men and favors causes regarding financial success, male sexuality and fertility.
  • Sophia: Promotes enlightenment and wisdom, protector of students.

Note: These are not all the saints and this list should only be used as a quick reference. Before working with a saint or practicing a spell you should familiarize yourself with the saint energy first and follow any directions specifically related to the tradition of the spell that you are practicing.

Gaining Favor from the Saints

The saints can be used by any person of any religion. They are there to help humanity and generally do not care what the faith of the person. So long as you are respectful, ask for their help and provide an offering of some kind (depending on the spells that you are using).

The first step to gaining favor from a saint is getting familiar with them. If you find a saint that you believe can help you, research them first and take time to meditate on their energy. You can do this simply by repeating their name over and over in your mind during meditation. You can often get messages or simple guidance from them by doing this.

To work spellcraft with the help of the saints, always be respectful. Rather than telling them how to help you, think of spells with them more as prayer. You ask for their help and offer something to them. Fire and flame magick seems to go hand in hand with their practices.

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