What does the name Bernice mean?

Bernice is of Ancient greek origin. Bernice has many variations.

Derivatives include Berenike, Berenisa, Berenise, Berenyce, Bernece, Beryss, Nixie, in addition to Vernice (used throughout Latin America). Bernice is an uncommon baby's name. Only 0.494% of girls were called Bernice. It was ranked number #42 in the world. Therefore this is a rare name. Bernice comes from Bernid, 

The name has seen a steep loss in popularity. That is not a bad thing if you are considering calling your baby girl Bernice. 

What is the biblical meaning of Bernice?

Bernice is from the bible in scriptures Acts 25:13 where it references that Berenice is a woman of corruption. Bernice is featured in the bible and also Greek mythology. Berenice was the daughter of Herod Agrippa and she had three short marriages in her life. She had two sons known as Berenicianus and Hyrcanus. She was married to Marcus. And the name meaning is carrying off a victory. The name was also featured in Egyptian times as one of Alexander's generals Ptolemy who was the wife of a general. In the bible, she was a guilty woman who was of incestuous conduct. 

What are the numerological traits of Bernice?

The number 7, which is symbolic of spirituality, makes sure that you choose a date such as the 7th for major areas of life, this is a great day to have a religious or spiritually-based wedding to honor your love. Due to "bern" at the start of the name in combination with the numerical 7 they are drawn to data and love to read and study any topic that stimulates their mind. They may seem quiet or detached depending on their astrology chart.

It may also take them a while before they feel comfortable with others. However, they are highly intuitive and intelligent. They excel in science, technology arch and analytics, psychology, metaphysics, and in the health sector. Don't burn out if you are called Bernice. Think about "bern" and "burn." 

What does the name Bernice mean?

  • Origin: Greek
  • Quick Meaning: Bringer of Victory, Carrying off a victory
  • Number of letters: 7, Those 7 letters total to 38
  • Gender: Girl
  • Greek: Female A variant of Berenice, meaning bringer of victory. The New Testament Bernice, called Berenice in some passages, was thought to have had an incestuous relationship with King Herod Agrippa II, her brother.
  • French: Female One who brings victory. A variant of Berenice.
  • Biblical: Female One that brings victory

What stone will help Bernice in life?

As part of my research into Bernice, biblically and greek mythology noted that Clear quartz crystal can be used to enhance her creativity and facilitate manifestation. Now, I love my stones. Clear quartz crystals can also be programmed with your desired goals. Clear quartz can also be used as a healing tool to help with negative patterns. Clear quartz, when combined with Quartz, can help you boost your self-esteem if you are low in self-esteem. If your name is Berenice wear a piece of clear quartz around your neck, in your bra, or as a bracelet or ring.

What are the positive traits of Bernice mean?

  • Motivation in life
  • Focused and spiritual
  • Due to the 7 this means Bernice you enjoy others

What are the negative traits of Bernice mean?

  • Can have low self-esteem
  • Worries sometimes

By Florance Saul
Sep 20, 2012