What does the name Brittany mean?

What does the name Brittany mean?

Brittany is a female name of French origin.

The name Brittany first arrived in America in the 1970s and was at its peak of popularity in the 1990s in both North America and Australia. "Brittany" is derived from the word 'Britannia', a Roman goddess. Portraits of the goddess depict Britannia as a beautiful woman, wearing the helmet of a centurion, and wrapped in a white garment.

Brittany is also a place (region) in the Northwesters revision of France and is about 34,000 Km2 wide. This region is famous for its monuments and art vestiges. When I think of Brittany I always think about the singer Brittany Spears. As spiritual beings, our names are important to each of us. In history, for example, our names stay with us for life. If you are thinking of calling your daughter Brittany then read on so I can help you understand the spiritual meaning.

What is the name meaning of Brittany?

  • Origin: Latin
  • Quick Meaning: It is named after the French town of Brittany.
  • Number of letters: 8, Those 8 letters total to 37
  • Gender: Girl
  • English: Female Originally the ancient duchy of Bretagne in France. Celtic Bretons emigrated from France to become the Bretons of England.
  • Celtic: Female From Britain.

What is the spiritual meaning of Brittany?

If we look back in history the Celtic meaning of Brittany is from the French region of France. But what does this mean spiritually? The name itself is connected to making sure that you have the internal knowledge in order to focus on life. If we consider the name Brittany from a regional perspective and also a potential baby's name understanding the strengths and weaknesses of this name can allow us to understand how to enhance life better. Brittany's region is by the cost and not industrialized. There are many coastal areas around the district, therefore there is some emotional focus on life. The celts were the first inhabitants of Brittany. The word itself “Brittany” is the Celtic word for “seaside” this is from the Romans. The religion of Brittany is prominently Christian. 

There is a great focus on your own pride and ego due to the "tt" in your name. You naturally treat others with respect and are open to new opportunities in your life, and to love unconditionally. There is something else I wish to share with you Brittany, you will learn this lesson if you put your attention on your personal development and get over your superficial tendencies.

What does it mean if you are choosing the name, Brittany?

If you are choosing a baby name for your baby and Brittany is on your list of top names then this is connected to the spiritual path or walkway for your baby daughter. Turning to the bible if we look at Revelation 2:17 this states that as parents we should provide a child with a name that has a meaning to the Lord. Names themselves have evolved in life and some are popular others are not. 

What is the numerology for Brittany?

  • Expression Number - 1
  • Soul Urge Number - 1
  • Personality Number - 9

I'm now going to go over the numerology for Brittany.  You may have learned that numbers are tiny energies that weave their way through your life. You start with a zero. This is where all concepts start. Then you move on to the next cycle 1 through 9. And so on. Each cycle teaches you a bit about yourself through the experiences it offers, and in numerology, we are given different numbers for our life. From our personality numbers, soul, and finally expression (how we express ourselves). The personality 9 energy is about selflessness. Sometimes, you find you take into account other people's partner's needs can are flexible and possibly work towards successful relationships. 

You can begin to understand what each number is telling you by watching how they play out in your daily life. Perhaps you learn to relate to others by using these numbers. Although the lessons of each number are simple, it is the situations that you create to learn the lessons that matter to you. These may seem complex at times, Brittany.

But, life is unpredictable and you might be able to see the good in all the lessons or experiences you have. Numerology can help with this. It will shed light on these situations so that you see the strengths, challenges, and potential of each cycle and in your life. This can be in your personal relationships, your career, your health, or any other area.

Your soul urge number Brittany, number 1 gives an idea of external influences and external influences, but the essence of this number is indicative of your inner environment. This includes your mindset and needs. The soul number 1 to you Brittany, means that you may need to forgive people a lot more. Expression number 1 denotes that because you have "any" at the end of your name you are open to new possibilities in life. Everything can grow if you plant the seed. I do hope this interests you and you can take some comfort from this meaning, Brittany.

What are the positive traits of Brittany?

  • Enjoys the company of others
  • Due to the two "tt" enjoys sports and social media
  • Honesty, vulnerability, and love for self 

What are the negative traits of Brittany?

  • Needs to listen to others more

By Flo Saul
Sep 20, 2012